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Are you contemplating identity branding of your business to the ultra wealthy? Well a good mining tool is the recent Forbes Real Estate Special Report - Most Expensive ZIP Codes.Guess which two cities housed the wealthiest of the affluent? If you guessed Alpine N.J. or Miami Beach's Fisher Island...
A special Web section of the IRS site unveiled tax relief for homeowners who lose their home to foreclosure.The IRS is taking steps to reassure homeowners that even though mortgage workouts, short sales, and foreclosures can result in income tax consequences - - - special tax relief provisions ca...
The Bellingham Herald has released its annual community report 'Neighbors'. This is a wonderful way to quickly discover the character and charm or communities surround Bellingham.A quick synopsis of some of the neighborhoods:Alabama Hill: You probably won't find too many of your neighbors singing...
Remember the 60's song 'Tighten Up'? Lenders are tightening up loan qualifications for borrowers. A high FICO score and large down payment are your strongest allies to obtaining a home loan.Here are three alternative creative ways to find those down payment funds (consult with your tax preparer p...
The Federal Trade Commission  issued warnings to mortgage brokers and lenders, regarding inappropriate advertising claims about mortgage interest rates and terms (or lack of full disclosure).Seems as if a small number of mortgage brokers constantly embrace a flippant attitude, thinking they are i...
A few days ago I commented on the Seattle-King County snafus regarding "commercial paper" and the subsequent loss of millions of dollars.Reuters has an alarming article on the shrinking commercial paper market - - - a 13% decline in the past month. So why should you, as a real estate and housing ...
Read an interesting, and unsettling article in the Seattle Times today about the likelihood of Seattle-King County  government losing an estimated $8 million on just one investment!King county officials have ceased purchasing "commercial paper" investments while the current subprime market risk a...
Read any good newspapers or periodicals regarding the credit meltdown. and subprime mortgage woes?Want to know what all those theories and terms mean? Well fret no more! Just mosey on over the the Mortgage Professor Web site and get educated.The Mortgage Professor's Web site: http://www.mtgprofes...
Wow,This lending squeeze is going to impact a lot of people trying to sell high priced homes. With FHA limits in the $400,000 range and now Indy Mac pulling the plug on Alt-A Jumbo loans, I would be sweating if I was a builder, Realtor, or seller with high priced homes.Here is the email message I...
Identity theft is a devastating crime that usually commands hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars, to hinder the thiefs. The thieves are implementing new techniques of snatching purses, cell phones, laptop computers, etc.The link below is to a Broward County Florida Sheriff's video showing ...

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