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Obama signed into legislation the tax credit extending through first of year and now including 'move-up' buyers.  What will this mean for our business?  Traditionally in our area this is when we start to see a slow down with things starting to ramp up around February.  What will this credit due t...
Should the credit be extended?  What a loaded question.  Business has been booming in our area, namely because of this tax credit.  But are we 'stealing' buyers from the future to boom our business now?   And is extending this credit only going to extend our 'paying of the piper?'  I guess we won...
So you are comingto the end of the year, and in my case was one of my bests.  Do you sit back and relax for the holidays or concentrate on where you want your business to be for 2010?  In my case the answer is resoundly -Business plan for 2010.  Why you ask?  Well, how do you know where to go if ...
I have been in the blogging world for sometime with my personal blog, and have been toying around with creating a blog regarding real estate for sometime.  With the beginning of the new year I have decided to start a blogging for my business.  I know people are thirsting for more knowledge of our...

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