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Need some quick and healthy keto breakfast ideas? These breakfasts only take two minutes or less to throw together.Having some fast breakfasts to make in a pinch will help you eat healthy, as well as having plenty of keto snack ideas to make.What are your favorite breakfasts for crazy mornings?Be...
After so much holiday spending, you may be looking for simple ways to save money in the new year. Here are some easy money-saving tips to help you live more frugally in 2023. Because whether you make a six-figure salary, or a lot less, it's always a positive thing to find little ways to save mone...
Impulse spending can add up. It's so easy to buy something without thinking about it, which leads to regret later on. Multiple $50-$60 impulse purchases can add up over time. For example, someone who makes $60,000 a year or $28.85 hourly will have worked about two hours to pay for a $60 purchase....
Now more than ever, people are trying to save money wherever they can. This frugal living tip will help you save money whether you earn $50,000 annually or $15 an hour. Here is one of my favorite frugal living tips that has saved me a lot of money.Whenever possible, opt to borrow items instead of...
Many people associate having a budget with being incredibly strict with money and never indulging in unnecessary extras.  With rising gas prices and inflation, it's understandable people are trying to be more money-conscious. This is true whether you earn $30 an hour, $10, or $100. But does havin...
If you're like me, you're probably always looking for an easy snack idea. Especially if you're working long hours at home or in the office.Lately, this has been my go-to snack and I'd thought you'd enjoy it too. If you have two minutes you can make this yummy snack.Ingredients Plain rice cake 1-2...
Now more than ever many people are working from home. Whether you're new to having a home office or are like me and have been working home for years, you've probably noticed that your desk area can become an unorganized mess pretty quickly.  Now, when I say "home office, I'm using this term fairl...
For those of you out there trying to stay on a keto diet during the quarantine, I have a few helpful tips for you. On my blog, many of my posts focus on a keto diet. Lately, I've been receiving emails from my readers who are having a hard time staying on their keto diet while dealing with the qua...

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