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I have been meaning to say a few words about the RESA conference last January in Las Vegas. It has taken a while for all of the input to sort of percolate into my brain and settle down!.  I cannot tell you how glad I am that I went! The whole experience made me realize what a force we all are ! I...
I get this question a lot. Is it worth the money to have my home staged? If you do some simple math, as demonstrated in the blog below, staging IS a wonderful investment!Are you a frugal home seller, wondering whether home staging a good investment? We know a couple that thinks it is! They invest...
I am a stager. That means that a big part of my job is visual. I need to see a home the way a buyer sees it. I am paid to create warm attractive environments that will create a positive emotional connection with the property. That said, here comes the brutal truth. Most of what I see when I am ch...
So, some of you may remember my conflict about traveling 200 miles to stage a vacant home that had been on the market for over a year. Welll.....   I took the job and it was really a great experience. Once the kinks were worked out, it was no more complicated than any regular staging job, which w...
   This past Sunday I spent some time visiting open houses. On this day there happened to be a nice cluster of properties open in the same area and I anticipated some good conversations concerning what might be helpful from a stager's point of view to get each home more interest and attention. I ...
About six months ago, I staged two vacant homes that had been sitting for months with little interest. When I agreed to take these jobs, it was rush rush,, gotta have it done by Friday... "We have scheduled an open house !" sorta deal.  Both of these homes were built in the 70's and really needed...
I haven't been here in months,, and I apologize if this topic has been hashed out, .. That said,, here is my dilema.. ( and maybe yours too ?/) . EVERYBODY WANTS TO STAGE VACANT HOMES ! .. And while I love to work on a nice clean empty canvas, I have run out of inventory and I cannot invest in an...
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All Things CASAVERO, from Placitas ! New Mexico