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Anna "Banana" Kruchten is here to help you navigate buying or selling a home in the Phoenix Metro Area. My blog is updated almost daily so be sure to FOLLOW ME and keep in the know of what's going on in the Phoenix Real Estate Market. On my blog you'll find Real Estate Information, Market Statistics, Neighborhood Information, School Updates, Upcoming Workshops, Information about Local Business Partners and occasionally posts just for fun!
  Now I know starting out saying I'm grateful for 2020 sounds kind of weird.  And in a way I agree. The way I see it is we were all pretty much forced into handling/doing things much differently than ever before.And with that we could either decide to make the best of things or not. Always a choi...
 Today isn't any Thursday.  Oh no, today is Yuma Day! And just what does that mean?  It means we've got a friend of Barney's named Yuma, staying with us for a few days while his parents are moving into their new home. It's been quite the busy few days attempting to keep them both settled down whi...
Captain & Mrs. Kenneth R. Kruchten  My Dad had a tough beginning as his parents lost their farm in the 30's during the depression when he was just 10 or 11. He had to live with his parents friends in St. Cloud MN so he could attend high school.  During high school he worked at a local hardware st...
  Friends Day Wednesday!  Sharing with friends is fun!  And since we've pretty much had to stop getting together with bigger groups of friends, I thought, why not share a few of my recipes, thus - Friends Day Wednesday! This week on FB Hannah Williams posted one of my favorite soups from the Oliv...
 A few weekend ago  we had our good friends and neighbors over for dinner. The conversation was lively, as usual and at some point we started talking about office chairs.  I had been unhappy with my chair lately as it felt like I was just sitting off kilter and getting a backache. I have bought q...
 In December of 2006 I signed up on ActiveRain at the suggestion of a fellow broker. Not knowing what it was about I quickly forgot about it for a year or so.  In 2008 I hired an Internet marketing coach that told me I needed to start blogging.  And that's what started my ActiveRain journey in ea...
    About a week and a half ago a friend of mine brought me some flowers.  At that time they hadn't opened up yet.  I was hoping they'd last through the week as often times flowers don't last all that long. For some reason these flowers came to life and have been blooming like this for 5 days or ...
 Today has been such a wonderful day. No rush to go anywhere or do anything. One of those quiet, sleepy days which seems very rare lately. Around noon it turned cloudy and we actually got a few sprinkles (which has been almost non-existent this year) rain that is!  The big wind chimes on the pati...
Are you considering selling your Phoenix area home?  Here are a few tips that can and will make your home stand out in your neighborhood and help sell your home faster with a great ROI. Need more information on selling your Phoenix home?   Give Anna 'Banana" a call! Curb appeal is extremely impor...
  Can you believe it's only 20 days until Thanksgiving? 2020 has been a year unlike any other year I can remember. In previous years I would have already sent out invites for Thanksgiving Dinner, had the menu set and decorated a bit as well.  This year?  Nothing yet other than a few pumpkins here...

Anna Banana Kruchten CRS,CRB, Phoenix Broker

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Anna "Banana" Kruchten is here to help you navigate buying or selling a home in Metro Phoenix. My blog is updated almost daily so be sure to subscribe and keep abreast of what's going on in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

On my blog you'll find:

  • Real Estate Information
  • Local Area Events
  • Market Statistics
  • Neighborhood Information
  • School Updates
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  • Upcoming Workshops
  • Information about Local Business Partners
  • And occasionally posts just for fun!