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Low utility bills are something every homeowner and home buyer wants. There are two forms of power that are available that have tax credits and other discounts available for new systems and help save on monthly utility costs. Solar In November 2013, Raleigh approved a program called “Solarize Ral...
Engagement Decisions.  For engaged couples, planning a wedding date and location are the first decisions. At some point during the engagement the couple starts discussions about where they are going to live after the wedding. Two Properties? These days the couple often owns two properties and so...
For many years, water heaters have not changed. You had a round cylinder in your closet, attic, crawlspace or garage. It was either powered by electricity or gas and the burners kept the water in the tank hot for washing dishes or taking a shower. Tankless Water Heater.  The newest technology in...
  I am amazed at how often Peeps are mentioned as people get ready for the Easter holiday. Mass Production:  Peeps were a product of the Rodda Candy Company.  In 1953 Just Born candy company purchased the Rodda Candy Company.  Peeps turn 60 years old this year! Bob Born of Just Born loved the way...
Many people are receiving notices of increasing insurance premiums for their homeowners and auto insurance. You can get quality insurance at a reasonable rate if you know how to shop for insurance. Not all companies are offering the same options so it is important to shop around to get the best c...
Whether you just bought a house or are getting ready to re-arrange a room, touch-up painting is inevitable. Even if you just had your house painted, small marks can show up from additional work that was done or re-positioning your furniture back into the rooms. All of us have gone into a home whe...
  Photo courtesy of Cohesion Environmental Services. Used with permission. Older homes in NC were originally heated with oil heat which required the homeowner to have a tank, often called “ust” or underground storage tanks. Since the tanks were large and held several hundred gallons of oil, they ...
I saw this great article in Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and thought it had some great points that I would like to elaborate on. Today’s Homebuyer is looking for certain characteristics in their Real Estate Professional.  All of the points below are what I am seeing as I work with buyers....
Everyone likes sitting next to a roaring fire in the wintertime, hearing the crackling of the logs and smelling the wood. So whether it's a natural gas fireplace, fireplace with gas that is ventless, or a corner electric fireplace, they all encourage the same type of feelings. The fireplace mantl...
I have been asked by many clients about the annual North Carolina Property Tax Bills. The state of North Carolina issues property tax bills on an annual basis.  Often the bills are mailed out to Taxpayers at the end of July or August each year. Here is some information by county: Durham County:  ...


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