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This weekend, Nashville, TN was snowed in.  Since the winters are usually mild with an average of 3 snows a year, and, of those, one may stick for a day or two, we were surprised to get 5".  Residents think they can drive in it...but they're really just lucky if they can make it from point A to p...
From time to time, I encounter or read comments from the public regarding their concept of Real Estate agents and how they earn their living. I was thinking about it today so I decided to compile some of these misnomers and address them in today's blog. I came up with a lot of them so I've split ...
Rates have gone from under 5% within the past couple of weeks to over 5% (for those with good credit scores).   When rates are in the 4s, buyers want that rate.  They don't lock it in and then they ask for it when the rate is no longer available.  Then they say, "I should have...".   It's underst...
  I've been reading about the flipping policy changes and I thought that Tony's description was the best and most straight forward.  I'd like to add that, with the growing amount of distressed properties, investors are necessary. Not only do they renovate homes and beautify neighborhoods, they pr...
  Due to current market conditions manifesting a large volume of distressed properties, the existing policy of not allowing financing for flipped properties has been revised. Legitimate property flipping transactions are now eligible to be financed by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (primary residence ...

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