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Oakley CA - Wells Fargo is one of the largest lenders in the US. They are the second biggest short sale lender we work with. The Wells Fargo Loss Mitigation Department is much better to work with than lender's loss mitigation departments. Wells Fargo has two loss mitigation departments. One is lo...
Oakley CA - Short Sales can be frustrating. Ask anyone who has negotiated a short sale with a lender and they will tell you the process is tough. Here is a story that illustrates this point.  You are negotiating a short sale with a lender. You call in and talk to a someone in a call center overse...
Oakley CA - "I can't process this short sale without the TPS form filled out with the seller's full name", the short sale negotiator told him. "But, based on my calculations, this short sale will help your company avoid a $17,000 loss", he replied. "So, you're telling me that unless I can get you...
Oakley CA – This is one of the first questions potential short sale sellers ask us. “I heard of something called “forgiveness of debt income and that it is taxable. How does that work?” they ask. The following article is my personal opinion only. I recommend that you consult with a competent lega...
  Oakley CA – We get this question a lot from people. “I am upside down and need to move. I would like to buy another home. Can I do that?” they ask us. Today they can. FHA (the Federal Housing Administration) has a new program that enables you to short sale your existing home and buy a new home ...
Typical Abandoned Real Estate Oakley CA– The New York Time had an interesting article about one man’s mission in the fight to stop foreclosure. According to the article, Mark Guerette, attempted to make use of all the empty, abandoned houses he saw. "I get frustrated when I see homes sitting emp...
Short Sales: Attn: Bankers. Stop harassing Americans for money they don't have "Pay Up Or Else!"   Oakley CA - Maybe this is a pet peeve of mine. Or maybe it just seems ridiculous that someone would call a debtor over and over again asking to be paid, when they have already been told the debtor d...
Oakley Short Sales: Getting divorced, neither can afford, what to do?   Oakley CA - In this case I would recommend you sell the house. Now, if you are reading this blog, then you must be researching a short sale. Which means that you are probably upside down on the home. You have three options.  ...
The Homeowner's Bill of Rights Oakley CA - The big banks made mistakes and received a bailout. They have the resources to lobby congress and the courts to have laws written to suit them. But, what has the little guy received? Nothing. So we decided to put together a Homeowner's Bill of Rights. It...
Loan servicer demands a bribe from home buyer, or they won’t approve buyer's short sale offer   Oakley CA – We had a short sale recently with a certain loan servicing company. The funny thing was that this loan servicer was hired by the owner of the loan to work on behalf of them. In other words,...

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