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The Christmas Holiday has come and gone...a little too soon for some and not fast enough for others! I myself took a few days off and did NOTHING Real Estate related...including posting the last day of Real Estate! So, in order to finish the year off right I am putting on my thinking cap, and goi...
On the Eleventh Day of Real Estate, Seven Gables gave to me....Reasons to be Thankful....The world is what it isn't good or bad or just is! We are often quick to judge when things don't go according to OUR plan. We always have a"reason" why things didn't pan out. Here are a fe...
On the Tenth day of Real Estate, Seven Gables gave to me....LANGUAGE! My son is a GAMER... (That's not my son, just in case you were wondering) This weekend there was a HUGE gamers convention in San Fransisco and of course he went. I picked him up afterwards with a few of his friends and as we we...
On the 9th day of Real Estate, Seven Gables gave to me....A Clear Vision Life in Real Estate sometimes seems as if we're riding a roller coaster. Life (or escrow) throws us a curve ball...before you panic: Gather Facts. Investigate causes and circumstances of the problem. Probe details about it ...
On the 8th Day of Real Estate, Seven Gables gave to me...The ability to "Put it in Reverse!" (And not by saying "I know you are but what am I?" either!) When you need to figure something out, there are steps that you can take to ensure you get the best results. One of the things you can do is to ...
On the Seventh Day of Real Estate, Seven Gables gave to me.....AN ENGAGEMENT RING! Well, maybe not! But stop and think about this: Honey, I love you! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you! I look forward to growing old with you, raising a family and taking my last breath with you at ...
Several weeks back, we looked to see what we as a company could do to contribute to the Community. We decided to pick a charity that was knowledgeable and skilled at making the most of donations. It was not an easy decision, to be sure. We chose the Salvation Army. Over the last few weeks, we hav...
On the Sixth day of Real Estate, Seven Gables gave to me....Effective Communication! What does this mean? Let's look at a married couple: Wife says "Honey, it'd be nice if you took out the trash" her mind she has just told her husband he needs to take out the trash. Husband hears "Honey, it'...
Welcome to the First Edition of Seven Gables Real Estate Relocation Blog. The purpose of this blog is to inform you, the consumer, about the communities in Orange County that you will soon call home. Every month we will share some information about different cities that we serve, give you a littl...
On the 5th day of Real Estate Seven Gables gave to me.....CHANGED PERS-PEC-TIVE..... What does this look like to you? Is it a page full of birds or fish...or BOTH? At first glance it looks like one or the other...but upon closer examination, you see two different things. You can even begin to dis...

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