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Okay, someone’s lying. I’m not sure where the lie started, but it’s being circulated like a wildfire with no end in sight! Maybe “lie” is too strong a word. Let me rephrase that: Someone out there started a rumor that has caught on faster than the rumor of Death by Pop Rocks and Coke! Last I hear...
Hello everyone,  I am so happy and proud today, I had to share this Seven Gables success story with you. Almost 2 years ago and against my advice I sold a condo for $430K on Mitchell in  TUS, I wanted my buyer to rent at the time, but Frank was so proud and his family were so happy to live the Am...
Hello Everyone! I recently posted this on my personal Facebook Account and Myspace.  I am posting here in order to generate more possibilities, though this is not Real Estate related.  I hope no one gets offended by it NOT being about Real Estate, and hope that you will all put on your thinking c...
When I first started in Real Estate, I had no clue what I was doing! I didn’t know about generating my own leads, or even of the VALUE of an open house! I showed up to work and the company I was at gave me leads! Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? It was! Well except for the part where you had to co...
Neil Sedaka wrote a song about this and it went through the roof! Why is it that breaking up is so hard to do? In relationships, careers, cable companies, even mobile phone companies, we hesitate, we resist, we make excuses and dig our heels in! Some of these no longer function right, if they eve...
We all know that famous quote…and we all also know the truth of it. In our personal lives, we think, “if only my partner would….then I would be happy”. “If I only made more money…then I’d be happy”. If I worked for another company, THEN I’d be happy”. But the truth of it is: WE WOULDN’T…not alway...
I am a Real Estate Agent. I am a Recruiter. I am a Trainer for Seven Gables Real Estate. I am woman, hear me roar! Diversity is the spice of life. Why do I bring this up? Because Change Is Inevitable! I started off with a passion to help buyers buy the best house for THEM. To help Sellers get top...
Two weeks into the new year and I need to ask you, WHERE ARE YOU IN YOUR REAL ESTATE CAREER?                                                          I ask this for several reasons. The most obvious one being that most boards are now renewing memberships, and I am anticipating a BIG DROP.  I don'...
Monday was officially the first day back to work after what seemed like an eternity of Holiday time!  Now it's time to put on your thinking cap and see what you are going to do next?  Traditionally, most agents do not make the time to set up this strategy BEFORE the year ends, so this means that ...
Oh NO! Another year has come and gone… We all had goals…LOFTY goals! We projected an income at the beginning of the year, and some of us achieved that goal….others were nowhere near it! Who’s to blame? According to Inman news, the next couple of years are going to see a drop in part time real es...

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