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It's a blog about my thoughts and feeling about home inspections and other things of interest.
I'm am somewhat of an early adapter. That is defined as somebody who likes to buy new technology. I take it a little further by liking to buy good bargains. I spend a good deal of time on the internet researching about building components. On the internet you can wind up looking for ladders and e...
Animal week continues.I was doing this inspection on a vacant home, I had the code to get in and was not expecting anybody to show up. I usually start by just walking around the house to get a general feel. Now I know the home is vacant but as I get to the back yard I rattle the gate so if there ...
 It looks like animal week for me. As I was going to an inspection the car in front of me made a motion to make a right turn. I move over to the left lane and as I was passing him I saw a duck crossing the road. I realized the guy in front was not trying to make a right turn rather was trying to ...
  I really hate 8am inspections fighting rush hour traffic. I arrived at the inspection five minutes early. Even if it took me 20 minutes to go the last three miles.Nobody is there, not my client nor the agent to let me in. I start to walk around the house and as I get to the side of the house ri...
So I got this good idea for a blog. I can't wait to get to the office to share with my fellow rainers. I get the blog down and I'm proofreading it and bam the computer goes down. It was one of those two second power outages. Now the computer will not resart and I pull the plug put the plug back a...
I can't take it any more. People driving in their cars chatting up a storm and not being able to drive. They go ten to twenty mile under the speed limit in the left lane. Then without looking cross three lanes of traffic. Or they just make a u turn out of the blue.I really don't want to ban cellp...

Why do we live in a society's that takes advantage of the old and the uninformed. I been doing home inspections for ten years and I've seen a lot and will surely see more. I can understand a home owner that tries to fix something and doesn't have a clue. But I can't understand why people will tak...
This 60ish woman also had a new water heater installed. The drain line was too small for the relief valve, the electrical wiring was improper, and they placed the water heater right in front of the main panel. This seller did nothing wrong but to hire incompetent, lazy, sleazy, and dishonest cont...
  A new HVAC system was installed two years ago. They (the installer) placed the outdoor unit within a 18" of the dryer vent.  Not only that but the never change out the disconnect to a 30 amp from a 60 amp. And they forget to install the heat. Again the 60ish woman had no idea but was getting a ...
During my inspection I found this unique set up for the elecltric eyes on a garage door opener.  Now this was installed by the men from one of the box stores. They also decided to go with an extension cord versus wiring properly. As long as the big box is around we all have jobs. The seller a 60i...

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