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It's a blog about my thoughts and feeling about home inspections and other things of interest.
     I got this email;"Dear Mitchell Captain,I would more information about your services. In particular, I would like to have several references from past clients.Sincerely," At first glance I said ok tomorrow I'll send out some references.  Well I'm anal and I thought about it and thought about...
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 I was finished with the inspection and my client wanted me to go over the report with his Realtor, the seller, and the seller's Realtor. I knew that I would never get through it. A speech is given when I have to go over the report and in part I say if it becomes hostile I leave.This was a two st...
 Why I call for replacement of roofs that have lived past their life expectancy because they can and will leak anytime after you leave the house. Many inspectors don't believe in calling for replacement when something is functional. I've been chastised more than once for calling for replacement. ...
      Garages are sometimes not easy to inspect. If fact most home owners never put their car in the garage. It is a large storage bin. You the new inspectors should just put down a disclaimer that the garage was not inspected because of all the junk. Now if you certified you can say my certifica...
  Name:Jason Price Email Subject:Bad Break for the AR Comedy Club IP: Message:Dear Members of AR Comedy Club,I have gotten clarification as to why points are being deducted and emails are being sent out.AR will only award points for original material. ...
 Here is the link to the article Most on an home inspector forum believe it was foul play. It's tragic and when it comes to kids I guess anything is possable.     AllSpec Professional Property Inspections Inc is a home inspection company doing home ...
I'm sure many of you watch the flipping shows, well I was surprised to find this on another forum. By DOUG GROSSAssociated Press WriterPublished June 1, 2007, 5:25 PM CDTATLANTA -- On an episode of A&E's popular reality series "Flip This House," Atlanta businessman Sam Leccima sits in front of a ...
 I've created a new group called "Ethics and the home inspector". Right now it is a friendly place to post issue about ethics in the home inspection profession. You can post about ethics of home inspectors, ethics of the home inspection as it relates to clients, ethics of home inspection organiza...
On one of my other blogs about certified a x ashi president posted "Demand higher ethics. Make this Profession one you can always be proud of not only of your actions, but those of your competitors." Steve Gladstone I then posted some of the reason I left ashi.BrinksConciergeInspector referrals o...

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