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It's a blog about my thoughts and feeling about home inspections and other things of interest.
 The following is an older story about conflicts on interest.  Now almost 4 years later and they are still ASHI members, justice served? Click on refine and enter Nebraska in metro search for some reason the li...
  I did an inspection for first time home buyers who really didn't have a clue. The first thing I found wrong were the fans were not grounded. I explain that you could get a shock under the right circumstances. He asked "Is it going to kill me?" I said I don't know. Well if it's not going to kill...
For a long time I've been pleading to many deaf ears about the conflict of interest that occurs between home inspectors and real estate agents.Most of us in the industry of Real estate knew what was going on with the appraises and just shock our heads. Well the government has stepped in.    http:...
 If you are thinking about getting a mold inspection watch this video. And if you have some times read the comments.     AllSpec Professional Property Inspections Inc is a home inspection company doing home inspection in Miami Dade county, Broward county, a...
  About a month ago I received a call from a Realtor asking if I could do an inspection on a new 6500 sq ft home 2.5 mil. The original inspector had an emergency and couldn't do the inspection. I gave him the price and said he would call me back. He called back and told me to do the inspection an...
  So, I had this morning inspection scheduled for 9am I usually arrive 15 to 30 minutes early which I did today. At about 8:49 am the Realtor arrives and shows me, more like sticks his watch in my nose and say do you know what time it is? I said yea and he repeats the question and I repeat my my ...
  That,s not my comments but from a fellow inspector from down south gave me permission to use. I love it. AllSpec Professional Property Inspections Inc is a home inspection company doing home inspection in Miami Dade county, Broward county, and Palm Beach county. I am a certified inspector by th...
 ( Well it was inspection time on my water heater. Now should I play dumb (which is easy) or play smart. I decided to be my normal loving self. )Good morning inspectorGood morning I'm here to inspect your water heaterIt's right over here sirIs it producing good hot water Yes sirWell every thing l...
 The first thing I do when I get into the home is to run the dishwasher. Then I check the kitchen receptacle that I am using for my computer. The condo is vacant I turn on the dishwasher and plug in my computer. I hear no water going into the dishwasher. I turn the kitchen faucet on, no water. I ...
  No, it's not leaking it was installed improperly. The tprv drain line is reduce. Tprv 3/4 inch to 1/2, the manufacture of both the water heater and the valve say it's wrong. It's also wrong in the Florida building code. Now, a permit was pulled and the city has yet to come. Oh, what shall I do ...

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