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Being my own boss I have been asked this question several times on what’s the difference between an independent contractor and an employee, especially when they do the same work.The biggest difference is the benefits. Employees are the ones that receive benefits, taxes withheld, Social Security, ...
What if you had the secret to saving money like a pro, paying off debt, and still having money for a vacation? What if you knew how to manage your money more effectively? Well, getting there is a matter of knowing this one thing: The secret to money management is planning and organizing with mult...
Did you make a New Year Resolution?If so, are you on track?I know for myself I have very high expectations to get things accomplished for my business but already this thing called Life has happened and took me by surprise.I have already experienced two unexpected deaths in my family this year and...
Can you remember a time when there was no internet?How did you survive?How did you access information?I'm a millennial and I'm just so thankful for the internet because of the information we have at our fingertips. I'm so dependent on it I almost have a meltdown when I can't get wifi? I am alone?...
How do you spend your time?Do you make the most of your time?I think we could all use a little help in this department. We could all find ways to make the most of our time. It really comes down to you taking complete control of your time. Knowing that you are responsible for how well your time is...
Do you consider yourself a good person?Better question. Do you ever even think about the kind of person you are?It is so important to take a deep look within ourselves. Are there areas we could improve in? Areas you could put in the effort to learn and grow?The idea of self-improvement is not one...
Do me a favor. Think back to before you had little ones running around your house. Before you knew what it was like to function on little to no sleep. Back to the days where going to the grocery store was not downright terrifying!What were your thoughts on parenting way back when? What kind of pa...
Do you have any debt? This is something most Americans have and will always have.Sometimes LIFE circumstances occur and you have no choice but to take out loans or use credit cards to get things paid.Like unexpected medical bills for example. That’s why I never like to judge anyone for their fina...
Does it ever feel like you are on autopilot? Doing the same things every single day.For many of us, the answer would be yes.And I know that this is normal for most people. But only to a point.Let’s hold ourselves a little more accountable.It is up to us to make sure we are living our lives. Not j...
Summer is on its way and if you have a teenager they are going to get a nice long summer break. Do you have any plans for them?I’ve found that the best way to keep kids out of trouble is to keep them busy. So busy that they won’t even have time to think about things they shouldn’t be doing.If you...

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