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If you know someone who is facing foreclosure you can feel at ease sending them to me, knowing you have have sent them to someone honest, ethical, and diligent. There are a lot of predatory Loan Modification companies out there so you have to be careful. Remember our goal is to help, not worsen our clients situation. Feel free to visit my website for more information.
I finally completed my personalized website. I used google sites to design it (it's free) and signed up with Go Daddy for the domain. I decided to make it a little different and gear it towards easy reading and funny pictures to brighten up someones day. Because, people who are facing foreclosure...
Obviously I have a lot on my mind tonight. Times sure are strenuous right now. Did you all hear on the news about buying a old car will save you gas? Ok, so let me get this straight. Here we are in 2008 and the vehicles that are not hybrid, turn out being more of a gas guzzler then a 1990 (20 yr ...
Ok guys, it's summer time. The kids are out of school. I have a 14 yr old daughter who doesn't want to go anywhere. She likes to sit at home, watch TV and play on the internet. I have threatened to take these things away. I would like her to have a social life. God knows when I was 14, well never...
Hi I was going to make a you tube video or website and try to generate extra income with this information. But, I thought, what if my friends on Active Rain don't see it. Of course I have to let you guys in on it first. I'm also making this blog public. Ok so here it is; about 6 weeks ago my fami...
Why Won't My Lender Work With Me? See this disturbing video about a congress woman who tried to help 3 homeowners modify their loan. What the lenders fail to realize is this is now the time to communicate with the homeowner. 'Hardship Conditions...
Have you all  heard about the benefits of tea? It appears that not only tea has health and metabolism benefits, but also helps to lose weight due to its diet effect, discusses the book by mark Ukra The Ultimate Tea Diet.The Ultimate Tea Diet book shows tea's unique weight-loss potential in a stra...
  Another Foreclosure NightMare    DONT WAIT UNTIL ITS TOO LATE!!!!!Diana Higginson just lost her home to foreclosure. "It was just a really bad time. I just completely shut down. I could not talk to anyone, I couldn't open the mail. I basically just stayed in bed with the covers over my head, I ...
  Hi Every one I just found this gadget online that might just be the next best thing since slice bread, I was doing a search online and a product called the StressEraser came back in the results, and this little gadget could change the world, No Im not kidding. This is what I do know stress can ...
   Hello ALL! Well its been a while since the last time I post, so let me catch up on a few things,  I had kind of moved away from mortgages for a while, and was doing outside sales, not really what I wanted to do but what I have to do right now, My Christmas and New Years was great, I spent time...
There is a state database for unclaimed property on the web, so you can check if you or someone you know has cash or property coming to them. It can be from an old bank account you forgot about, or a utlity deposit that was never refunded to you. Maybe wages from an old job.I found my sister on t...

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