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I like to describe my blog as everyday thoughts of a local Realtor. Here are comments, truths, venting, and of course Hampton Roads information. I'm not a wizard on proofing and I do make mistakes. After all I am human. I hope you enjoy the blog and it keeps you entertained as well.



Recent article in the VA Pilot .The city council addressed a proposal to increase the work force housing sector to include homes in the 150k to 250k price range.This means households that make 36k-76k would be able to afford these homes.The Va beach taxpayer  alliance group opposes the measure sa...
Hello,Looking at the Va Pilot business section today they wrote a small article about the current housing market. 1.This is supposed to be the worst turn down in 16 years.2. Sales fall in 41 states this quarter compared to last year3.Florida and Nevada saw the worstSo what does this mean to you  ...
The Virginia Pilot had a great article about the ever shrinking pool of lenders. !!! Talk about being optimistic !. I know this has been a rough week for some lenders. I'm hearing over an over about the state of the market and all the well lend anyone money attitude is really going down hill.  I ...
Hello, I wanted to post my newest podcast information. I live in The Lake Smith Terrace area of Virginia Beach. I wanted to be able to offer to my area community news and information. This podcast will allow you to check on area sales and listing any time of the day. They are updated weekly. Cont...


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