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Dear American Soldier & Veteran,    I wanted to take a few minutes in the hustle and bustle of this day to say "thank you" for serving our country, facing the enemy on the front lines, enduring the heat/sand/cold of the day, long hours with no sleep, time away from family and loved ones, being hu...
I went to a Continuing Education class on Tuesday and really dreaded going.   That's just what I wanted to spend my time doing, listening to a boring teacher go over a subject, that's probably going to end up putting myself/entire classroom to sleep!  I ended up being totally surprised!  He not o...
I have been viewing alot of foreclosures these last few weeks because I am working with buyers who have cash (thank you Lord) and they like everyone else are trying to find the perfect deal!  I have been saddened by what waits for us as we enter into many of these homes.  May I also add alot of t...
Well, another week has come and gone and here it is 8:12 p.m. and I have not done my Thursday's Tune yet!  Yikes, what a week it has been...a week of calls on listings, showings, extensions, price reductions and getting ready for our county to host the Relay For Life tomorrow!  Still got to go ho...
Another agent at my office was on her way to look at one of her properties she manages this past Friday.  While driving over there she passed by this house.  She told me it took a second to register with her what she had seen.  She turned the car around and not only had she seen a peacock on the ...
When I get brain dead and things seem to just come to a stand still - I try to remind myself of the postive in my life.  Today it is trying to post along with my tune. Where else can you make a living by setting up your own hours, set up appointments to fit into your schedule, go to the office a ...
I will be the FIRST to tell you that I am not one who knows what's hot and what's not in the world of technology.  However, I am not so "old school" that I say no or forget it to new ideas and ways of things.  So, I went and looked up the word twitter and this is what came up:    Twitter is a fre...
   Let me keep my eye on you and "empty me" of me......
We seem to think that we go through our daily lives sacrificing so much whether it is our time, families, doing without, our bank accounts....the list can go on and on.  I looked up sacrifice in Merriam-Webster and none of us come even close to the Number #1 definition: Main Entry: 1sac·ri·fice P...
Have we let ourselves become zombies just going through the motions of our profession?  If you are starting to feel that way just look into the endless amounts of information that's available for you right here on AR.  It is absolutely amazing the knowledge, talent and words of wisdom that can be...

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