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Work is under way to upgrade two Austin office buildings.Both properties – Capitol Tower, at 206 E. Ninth St., and the five-building Bridgepoint Square development, at 6300 Bridgepoint Pkwy. – are owned by Equity Commonwealth and are being marketed by JLL.Booming growth in the Austin Texas and su...
 Homes that sell quickly and for the most money are homes that invite everyone to live there. I remember a home that was about 5 miles from where we lived in Phoenix. I found it one day driving through the neighborhood on my way to a meeting. When I saw it the first time I had to stop the car get...
The current Austin market is making it very challenging for first time home buyers. It is easy to get caught up in a frantic pace to try and make something work. Let me encourage you to make room to breath, think and plan as you look at the market landscape. There are solutions, opportunities tha...
A house is a house until you move in. You decorate, paint, add your style, pictures, pets and the sounds you love. Suddenly the house comes to life and you are at home. I remember taking a couple to view a beautiful home in the Central Texas Hill Country area. The moment we entered the home you c...
That monthly rent may be better spent when you purchase a home. No matter your age, we are all going to face a time when work is in our review mirror. A good way to face that prospect is in your home that has no monthly payments. Renting means you are paying monthly to have a shelter. Owning mean...
  Have you ever heard of Round Rock Texas? Voted the 5th most safe City in the US. Life is real good in Round Rock Texas. Great people, schools and food. Located just 15 minutes north of beautiful Austin Texas. If you want to learn more about Round Rock contact me at      
Across the vast expanse of BLM land in Arizona, graze thousands of wild horses and mules. They have been on the land for hundreds of years.  Some were released by their owners others escaped captivity for a life in the wild. Every year the BLM will round up a few hundred to help perseve the land ...
 Today is "Teacher Appreciation Day"! Love our teachers. So many great teachers have graced my life and helped me to become who I am today. Thank you for your sacrifice, love, wisdom and training. Hope you have a great Day! Also appreciate the volunteers and staff that help our teachers get the j...
 Selling Real Estate in a cold market can really be challenging. Several years ago I faced this problem with a large peice of real estate. It took one month to get a showing and 3 months to get an offer. The offer was a few thousand lower than the seller wanted. My instict was to not let the offe...
 The informed  and prepared can move slowly or quickly as needed but they ae ready to move as needed. Informed is where you want to be when buying or selling real estate. Everyone has heard the story from their dad, grand dad or uncle about a wonderful real estate deal that got away. Like the old...

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