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      Not everyone working in Real Estate has slowed but it is the season where most Realtors are experiencing a work slow down. Slowdowns are not always a bad thing. They are seasons to reflect, to catch up and to reconnect. This is also a great season to learn. Get with other Realtors to sharpe...
      Every Tuesday at 10:30 CST my daughter and I host "Tuesday Talk".  We talk about the past week, upcoming events at our church, faith, hope, love and how to be a better you. We welcome all who would like to listen and jump in and comment. You can find it LIVE on my facebook page beginning at...
     How can we know we made a good purchase when we buy a home? Even the best of research and market study sometimes produce a miss rather than a hit. Should you buy the home you are looking at or say goodbye and keep on looking? Three questions you need to answer before you go to the closing ta...
     We can learn from history, unfortunately, we often do not. The record of human behavior is repetitive. Perhaps it is that we believe we can do the same things and get different results because we are better educated, more sensitive, wiser, unrestricted by religious bias. Perhaps it is that w...
   ACL 2019 right around the corner! A music lover's dream. Great musician community and some of the best talent in the world. Music industry professionals, new talent, every area of the music industry will be represented. ACL is more than an event it is an experience. Every food truck in Austin ...
What does it mean to live "your best life".  We are surrounded by voices who give us answers to that question daily: commercials, TV shows, Ads, sales pitches are all aimed at answering that question for us. Here are some things to consider about living your best life: 1. DESIGN: Do you know how ...
     When we first got married we made a decision about our money that has made a huge difference. To be honest it was not an original idea. In fact, the first place we had heard of it was at church. We decided to give away 10% of our income, to save 10% and to live our lives on the other 80%. Th...
Every Home has a welcome, some more welcome than others. As you drive up for the first time to a home it offers its first impression, it's welcome. If your home is for sale, the last thing you want your home to say is...GO AWAY!  Take a look at the entry point of your home. The appeal from the cu...
10/01/2019  Chubbies is moving their headquarters from San Francisco to Austin Texas. According to a spokesman for Chubbies, the Sun has Set for their time in San Francisco and the future is in Austin, Texas. Shorts and cowboy boots may well be in their future. Another great ...
0 Comments  Sept. 8th through Oct. 29th.  Sunday Morning 10:30 amGrace Place Church1500 Royston Lane Round Rock,  We are a place of God's grace where people from all walks of life come together to make Jesus the Lord & leader of their lives. Here you will experience authen...

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