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  3 Essentials for a Great Life 1. GIVE MYSELF to a purpose greater than myself.2. JOIN with great people committed to that purpose. “We work together as partners who belong to God” (I Cor. 3:9)3. MAKE THE MOST of great opportunities. “Make the most of every opportunity for doing good . . .”Ephes...
 You need to take time to enjoy life. Our family has always enjoyed our time together! There are only a few serious moments when we hang out. We love each other and really enjoy just having some fun. We also work very hard all year long. Only 3 people in the picture above to not have 2 jobs. The ...
   Let’s begin by establishing that there are NO holidays that belong to the Devil. Each day in the calendar year belongs to God and is his gift to mankind. “This is the day the Lord has made;We will rejoice and be glad in it. (Ps. 118:24 NKJV)   That said, the enemy continues to work through men...
 BOO! Did is scare you?? Another great day ahead with the Alligator!! She is awake much longer now so Grandpa has to be on his game, no snoozing. We need to put out final decorations for Halloween. We are expecting a bunch of neighbors and friends this weekend. Hope you have a great Friday I know...
Remember when Doctors recommended a cigarette?   I grew up in a time when cigarette commercials were on every day several times a day. Most of the TV shows and movies featured the actors smoking. Smoking was considered mostly normal, accepted and many people started smoking as young teenagers. Wh...
 The final walk thru before you close on your home. What should you look for as you make your final inspection: 1.  Bring the list of requested and agreed upon repairs and check to make sure each has been completed in a satisfactory manner. 2. Make sure the agreed upon items to be left with the h...
 Image via Shutterstock / Via Meaning: To gossip, or talk idly.Origin: 1600sAs in: I wish you’d quit twattling and get on with your work. Among great old words we should bring back this one is at the top of my list. You can't say it without a smile. Avoid that idle chat! Stop...
9 Comments  Legendary in Austin is Franklin BBQ. You better plan to get their early like around 8 or 9 am just to wait for them to open and hope you get a taste.   The best BBQ you will ever taste. If your coming to Austin bring a bib and a big appetite. Also plan to invite me.   
   With this post I will pass Karen Ann Stone number 11 on Active Rain in Texas. Karen has been missing now for sometime. Her last post  I met Karen through Active Rain. She loved to blog and to comment. She was ...
 It is fitting that with this post I will enter the millionaire club for Active Rain. Fitting because as most of you know I am bi-vocational. Each Saturday Night I post my Sunday message or Sunday Thoughts.  I am feeling more emotional about it than I thought. Remembering so much of my life that ...

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