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  HUMANS   Some of us are easier to love. Some of us a bit more challenging. Some of us trust easy. Some of us mis-trust easy. Some of us read body language better. Some of us parce words. Some of us cannot figure out how to be nice to others.    When I was in Kindergarten one of the measuring p...
                We all think we know better. We’re too smart to get fooled, to fall for a scam, to do something that might be dangerous just because someone tells us to. But the truth is there’s more to human nature than we realize.  No matter how intelligent we are, we can be convinced to do al...
    WARNING: This post may be hazardous to your life pattern. It should be read in an environment where you can concentrate best. Putting this post into action may cause you to lose people in your life. Advance with Caution                    When we do not have a clear definition for Urgent and...
                                          Texans might like things big, but Austinites are significantly less obese than the rest of the country. Austin ranks near the top in terms of city parkland (there are 220 in the area), but it also has a young, highly active community and low rates of chr...
    Started working out a couple of weeks ago again. It always feels great to get back into shape. Clothes are fitting a little looser, muscle ache less and amazingly enough...I am putting in longer days and feel less tired.  As a Realtor you can get quite a workout when in the field. A few week...
  Congratulations to Robert and Eva. They beautiful home in the North Austin area closed yesterday morning. They have both retired from their career fields and starting life in a beautiful Texas coastal city. In 3 weeks on market we received 4 offers/ 2 full price.  Let us help you get your home...

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