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                                        One current example we have of a great job Branding is the Kardashian Phenomena. Who would have believed this a decade or so ago. Step inside the store and it is always packed. Things are affordable but not cheap. The profit margin is nice and the brand is...
    Frequently I face conflict of interest issues as a result of having two full time jobs. My primary career and calling is lead pastor of a growing congregation. Upon arriving in North Austin  several years ago, I believed my ministry career/calling was probably at an end we had spent 23 years...
                  1:05 am...not always the best time to start blogging but I am up and may as well be doing something. I am up because I am a little troubled about some things. If you are up you may have your own troubling things but this is my post so here are things on my mind: 1. Willful Blin...
    We visted this guy today at the Loggerhead turtle rescue in Florida. We had a ton of fun. Will post more pictures later. This center rescues sea turtles of all kinds and helps get them healthy so they can be returned to the ocean. This guy had a wounded arm that has healed now.   
                                                                               Looks like Paul is a little surprised to see Faith Ranger. No worries mom was near by and provided a quick rescue. There were plenty of other kids who were eager to see Faith Ranger and get their posters signed. It was...
    So can we have a relationship with God?    Religion is by definition an exercise of dutys, rituals and practices intended to open the pathway from humanity to a diety or a higher form of life as a human. Basically: RELIGION = MAN SEARHING FOR GOD.    The Bible alone declares that God created...
                PART II of my post titled Living on Inspiration You can read that post if you like by clicking on the link.  in·spi·ra·tion   /ˌinspəˈrāSHən/   Noun The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: "flashes of inspiration". The qual...
  Often we don't ask questions because we are afraid of the answers we will get. Take the time ask questions that will make you think deeply about the decisions you are making for your future.   Dare to dream big! Take the time to think through how you will make that dream come true. Bu...
                      When I am taking buyers to look at homes in our area, I am finding that the new normal is no followup from many listing agents. I would love to talk with them. Often the information I get from my buyers could be very helpful.  If you visit one of my listings expect a call. ...
    How much are four trees in downtown Austin worth? At least $103,000 a year in this case   Enlarge   The city of Austin and developer Trammell Crow have worked out a deal that could save the four oak trees detailed in the graphic above.   Robert GrattanStaff Writer-Austin Business JournalEmail...

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