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                                    It is so great being a DAD! Michele and I had three kids but we have many more who have adopted us and we love it. Sad to see them all growing up and moving out. At least we can hang out from time to time because they are all close for now. Enjoy every moment!...
        CAN YOU SEE WHERE YOU ARE GOING? Is it clear, hazy, or completely dark? At times the best question may be: Do you want to go the direction you are leading?    A friend of mine recently posted a clip from a man who is conducting a Real Estate Seminar in Austin Texas. It sounds very much li...
I found an app several months ago that I use from time to time on pictures. The version I use is FREE but you can purchase the pro version and do a lot more. It is called Image Tricks Light. Below is an example of my picture with one of the effects available on Image Tricks       The FREE version...
        Are you in the Loop? Information is moving at record speed through: smart phones, touch pads, computers. servers. radio, TV, the internet. It can get overwhelming to try to stay current. up to date on the important issues of daily life.  Looking for your feedback on this: When it comes to...
                                                              HOPDODDYS BURGERS AT THEIR VERY BEST IN SOCO BARTON SPRINGS POOL PURE FUN AND A SUMMER MUST AUSTIN ART GARAGE THE BEST OF LOCAL ART CHECK OUT ... Michelle SaintOnge                                       ESTHERS FOLLIES GREAT ENTERTAIN...
                      The starting place begins with a new pair of glasses. No, I am not intending this as a joke or a mean spirited jab. I simply mean that when it comes to getting our homes market ready to sell we can all be blinded to big and small issues that can negitively affect potential ...
Our media team consistiantly does wonderful work. This year as we have grown they have focused on getting the word out about the Grace Place. Videos like this one are helping our community find us.  I am in the works with them on one that will consentrate on the North Austin area growth and the r...
                                                                            BEGINNING JUNE 9TH 10:30AM 1500 ROYSTON LANE ROUND ROCK TEXAS   Hey Kids ages 4-11 you will not want to miss a single Sunday at the Grace Place this summer. Each week the Faith Ranger and His side Kick Prayer Warrior wil...
  The market is very active in Austin Texas. What you are looking at today on the internet may not be available tomorrow. The lease market is really insane. A property hits the market and has 5 visits and 3 applications the same day.  Patience in this market is not a choice it is a way of life. ...
  Recent events in Washington have piled on to a mountain of frustration by the American people with their government. We see many lawyers parsing words. We see no one taking personal responsibility for failure, fraud, corruption. We see dead lock in congress. The temptation is to grow weary to ...

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