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This picture posted on our Grace Kids site really touched me. Parker is in the middle. He is handicapped mentally. He has a beautiful loving spirit. He wanted to stay after the service and sing some more so his brother Austin on guitar and his brothers girlfriend stayed behind to sing the songs ...
  Up and down the street he went until he found my neighborhood and my neighbor. Homes have been selling in our area quickly. A nearby listing I had was on the market 22 days, had 17 different buyers view and 3 offers.  The TOP Realtor was armed with stats, professionally printed brochures and w...
  Austin central and South is booming. These apartments are right on the lady bird lake. Beautiful with tons of amenities. Read more below   By Gary Dinges and Shonda Novak American-Statesman Staff East Riverside Drive is about to take the next leap forward in its evolution, with the imminent ope...
500,000 ACTIVE RAIN BLOG POINTS!!   I can hear the cheers and applause. Thanks so much to all my AR buddies. Your post and comments on my post have been so appreciated. Often my day has been lifted by just reading about yours.  I do want to add that you really feel like you get to know each othe...
                                        We live in a face paced world. Information overload in many cases. Yet, do we take the time to think through the larger questions of life. Am I here by accident or divine providence? Is there purpose to life beyond existence? Is there life after death? It ...
    The very best way to get a response from a seller is to give the seller an offer. We all want to make the perfect offer. The one that will be accepted. No one likes rejection and we do not want to feel like we have paid too much and the seller does not want to feel like they left money on th...
  Passive listening usually involves thinking too much about how you will respond when the person talking finishes their last sentence. When we listen passively we miss most or all of the message. We miss body language and clues that can help us more clearly understand the message being sent. Ac...
  THANK YOU! Had an incredible day with all my kids. Wonderful gifts but time spent together was by far the best gift. Love you all.  We went to church together followed by a day of food and celebration. I don't feel worthy. Really, really. really love you all with all my heart. 
        Planted a peach tree about three years ago. It is still very small but loaded with peaches. They are incredible. I have been fighting the birds to perserve them but for the most part have been able to secure enough to cut up and freeze and in addition a cobbler or two. Love peach cobbler...
                              You may remember Wimpy from the cartoon Popeye. He loved Hamburgers but often seemed to be broke. His favorite saying was: "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!" A contingency is the "Wimpy" of real estate. When someone writes a contract for a home y...

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