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Bring on the Milk! My very favorite way to eat chocolate cake is to warm it up in a bowl pour milk over it and eat it with a spoon. mmm. Enjoy! I am a chocoholic, I freely admit. You will love this cake. To keep it diet friendly simply invite over a host of people to help you eat it. That way you...
  The Bluebonnets are coloring the landscape along with many other wildflowers across the state. What a wonderful time to drive and take a few pictures. The subject in the center is my lovely wife. We had a great time touring the central Texas area and visiting antique shops along the way.     
  Signs: A sore bottom, blurry eyes, tired fingers, sore back.    If you have two or more of these signs you have been blogging too much today. The remedy is to fold up the lap top, stand up and walk around the block six times. When you get back you should have fresh prespective, a few pics snapp...
    THE NEW LAW OF BUSINESS: “The Internet changes everything”. Do you remember when…? -You went to the Yellow pages to find a business? -You went to the white pages to find your friends phone number? -You went to the Library to find information on subject that you were completely unfamiliar with...
  ARTICLE BY: Christopher Calnan Staff Writer-Austin Business Journal The city of Austin and Google Inc. are scheduled to make an announcement next week that sources say relates to installing high-speed Internet access to the city. The installation of what's called Google Fiber would be a major s...
      So, you say church on Sundays does not work for you. Maybe you work on Sundays or possibly you just enjoy sleeping in on Sunday morning. It could be that Sunday is a great family day or day to hang out with friends.   We may have an answer for you if you are in the Round Rock or North Austi...
      Do you feel like you are living in the shadow of greatness?  Not a bad place to be all things considered. It would be a big mistake to think the leader is always the visible one. You can have an incredible impact on your world if you are willing to let your ego stay home from time to time. ...
    There is a battle for your eyes! Your eyes say a great deal about you, they are the windows to your soul.   I grew up around the Native American culture in Arizona. Primarily the Navajo and Apache. Respect for elders and authority was often practiced by limiting eye contact. A young person in...
      The bluebonnet was designated the official state flower of Texas in 1901. Also called buffalo clover, wolf flower, and el conejo (spanish for "the rabbit"), bluebonnets are to Texas what the shamrock is to Ireland. Named for its color and, it is said, the resemblance of its petal to a woman...
      Hello Monday! This is not just any Monday. It is the Monday after a huge Holiday. If you were Easter Weekend Central for the family and friends you may be feeling a little wiped out today.   3 TIPS for Recovery:   1.   Listen to your body. If you have to report to work, be sure when you com...

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