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  ON WHICH HILL WILL YOU DIE?   Looking to purchase a home? Don’t die on every hill! There are no perfect homes. Even new homes will have flaws that will be discovered over time. Once you find your top two homes, ask yourself some questions:   1. Is the home structurally sound? You cannot complet...
      You have to stay on your toes and stay focused on trending. These four guys were a big part of my growing up and now they are just a part of History. Somewhere along the line the competition got better and leaner. Unable to make the shift quickly enough to adjust to current market trends t...
        THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! I have never worked a job where that saying or the letters TGIF really had meaning to me as they do to many who work 9-5 Monday through Friday jobs. Friday for those people means a weekend break from a job that in many cases they do not love or see as their future. ...
    Before you pack the moving truck there are some things you need to know about home buying.   -Know your credit worthiness. You need to know if someone will lend you money to help purchase a home. A mortgage broker can help you get started. You can also get your credit score for FREE from the...
Long, long ago in a far away country there lived a family who longed for opportunity. Each day the father and mother would drop their children off at schools the children did not enjoy and they would then drive to jobs that were not fulfilling. The family longed for the weekends so they could en...
I am not in the camp of those who believe your friendship group will be small throughout your life. That may be true of truly close friends. There is no closer friend in my life than my wife. When it comes to friends in general, I think you can never have too many.   What’s the difference betwee...
      FLIP THIS HOME IN AUSTIN TEXAS! LISTED AT 77,000   The market under 200,000 in Austin has turned to a sellers market. Now is a great time to find a home to flip in the Austin Real Estate market. There are plenty of buyers and the inventory is very low. Most buyers are looking for a home mov...
    YOU ARE INVITED:   TO: Palm Sunday & Easter weekend gathering WHERE: at the Grace Place 1500 Royston Lane in Round Rock Texas. DATES: Sunday March 24th, Saturday March 30th, Sunday March 31st     MAP TIMES: SUNDAYS 10:30AM SATURDAYS 6PM   SCHEDULE:   March 24th: “The Walking & Talking Dead” ...
  The hole in the cloud reminds me that someone is always watching me. What does the day hold for you? Someone is watching as you live this day out. Take time to look around. Don’t miss out on living this moment. Life is in the journey not the destination. Share a smile. Embrace your family and ...
  Jason Crouch 52 minutes ago near Austin I wrote two offers for two different clients this week, both for homes which had been on the market less than 24 hours. One home was priced at $167,500, and the other was $149,900. We offered $171,000 for the first one, and the agent told us that someone...

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