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  A beautiful 1800 sq ft newly remodleled home for lease in Austin Texas. This is a 3 bedreoom 3 bath in a great location near some of the best schools in the area. Minutes from downtown and an excellent neighborhood.  We can help you find an apartment, home for lease or for sale.  If you would ...
    So you don’t think of yourself as creative? You really are! Believe me all you need is some quite time and inspiration. Some are inspired while reading others while listening, for many inspirations comes from beautiful locations in nature. Find out what works best for you. When it comes to d...
  We were in beautiful Galveston, Texas this past weekend. I had a nice lunch on the pier where this beauty was docked. I think it should be my new ride. It would be fun to venture out on the ocean in this beautiful Yacht. More about my lunch…I had lobster and crab bisque in a bread bowl. I have...
  I have been processing some thoughts recently about how I have been viewing life. Michele and I celebrated our 29th Anniversary this past August. What a wonderful blessing from God she is to me. I digress. What I have been thinking about is how I have allowed myself over the past 3 years or so...
Something happened today that reminded me of how important it is to have human contact. I got up early and was on errand number three when I had the encounter. I was sitting in the waiting room while my car was being washed. A gentleman next to me started chatting with me about little things: th...
    More than once I have put a title to a blog and even started to write but then decided not to go forward with posting it. How about you? Below are some titles to blogs never posted but seriously thought about posting them. It is all in fun so please do not take offense. And feel free to post...
I was reading an article recently where the writer candidly shared a life changing moment. One day while she was working hard toward her career path her boss came up behind her and “He said, ‘Sonia, once you stop looking for ways to be offended, there’ll be no stopping you.’” That statement bold...
Moving to Ausitn? If you want to Lease first while deciding where you want to live, we can help you with that as well. There are some great communties in Austin. The home above is for lease: 1790.00 per month. A 3 bedroom 3 full bath home located in a great area that makes everything you need ea...
    My beautfiful daughter Mikah. She is a pastry Chef and made her own Birthday Cake. We had a great time celebrating her Birthday. Lots of great food prepared by her husband and Chef. Too many sweets. Lots of dancing. The party had a Katy Perry Theme and the band Midnight Riot (her brother and...
You saw me standin' aloneWithout a dream in my heart, without a love of my own....... Last night the blue moon over Texas was beautiful. A tribute to Neil Armstrong on close of the day he was put to rest. Post your blue moon pictures if you took them. Have a wonderul weekend. 

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