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Allright, allright.  Calm down.I don't really have any Breaking News... but I wanted to make sure that everyone felt normal, and seeing this on the television seems to be our new normal.It used to be that Breaking News was only when there was some kind of national emergency.  You know... JFK has ...
As part of the full-service I offer my clients, I routinely make the rounds of my vacant listings to make sure all is well.  I check windows, doors to make sure there has been no vandalism, I turn on faucets and flush toilets to keep washers moist and sealed, to keep P-traps full and ugly smells...
John Prine, who passed away very recently, had a great attitude even about buying the farm.I wanna go to the Tree of Forgiveness with him, when I get up there.  (Assuming, of course that I go upward).  I'm gonna have a cocktail, vodka and ginger ale...John was a folk/country singer, who's eponymo...
Boy, the Alpha Spamster has been busy.  I awoke to find these four messages in my direct messages from the spammer overnight.I still don't understand his/her motivation... he posts no backlinks, he just posts this nonsense alphabetic text.  There's no real message... they're not trying to send yo...
For those of you (both of you) who enjoyed my first post on good news.Here's some more good news with John Krasinski, and well-known guests.
The Covid-19 world has become scary.  People are worried about their jobs... many have been furloughed, or downright laid-off.  Some have actually lost their jobs, as businesses fall by the wayside.  Many are talking about days, weeks, or longer of no income at all.  So many have been living hand...
In these trying times, when all we're hearing about it Covid-19 and watching local and national news conference updates each and every day, it can be difficult to find anything good in the news.For those of you who'd like your good news aggregated, John Krasinski has given us something to smile a...
With the advent of the Corona Virus and the shelter-at-home order, I've been finding it more and more difficult to motivate myself to get dressed each morning.Somewhere around noon, I change out of my 'night pajamas' into my 'day pajamas', and later on I change back into my sleep pajamas.But even...
Like most of y'all, my car has been sitting for days at a time completely neglected. She's been sitting in the garage, just wondering what she did wrong, and why I don't love her anymore... poor baby.So, I had somewhere to go yesterday (hallelujah!), and I got in my car, and whoooo boy, a few day...
The Marsh family from Faversham is clearly going nuts trying to figure out what to do at home... but their creative juices are at full tilt.Clearly the kids are bored to tears, as well, since they agreed to cooperate in this production.  It actually caused me to laugh out loud... I hope you enjoy...


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