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I just showed a property, this past weekend.  It was a beautiful house, with lots of lovely custom features ... new kitchen, new bathrooms, third-floor master with ensuite ... Lovely.The owner of the house is/was a finish carpenter and had installed a whole bunch of clever custom-features... incl...
I was scrolling through Facebook, today (I know, quelle suprise, right?), and I can across this hysterical post of 16 surprising ways to injure yourself when you're over 40.  It included a couple of items that actually caused me to literally, laugh-out-loud.  C'mon.... "carrying all your remotes ...
As Barbara Walter's favourite year approaches it seems only appropriate to count one's blessings.  And I thought I might combine that (or conflate that, since that's the terminology of the minute) with my own recent advice and turn it into a short "top 3" list.I'm still above ground.  Yep, above ...
For me, Christmas day is pretty much just another day... I spend the day doing what's traditional for us... a typical Jewish Christmas... we see a movie, and have dinner at a local Chinese restaurant.  (typically the only places that are open today).And, being a normal day, I answer my phone... p...
THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMASWith some apologies to Clement Clarke Moore T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the rain Bloggers were active and straining their brain; Their posts had been written with punch and with flair In hopes that a featured star soon would be there. Stewart was n...
There's a reason that many people publish "top five reason" posts, here in the rain.  Here are five of them.The feature faeries really seem to like them.  So, often, you'll find that those top five lists will end up featured.  Wait for it, wait for it... any minute now.  Well, we'll come back to ...
A question in the Q&A's asked what laws were unique to our areas.That caused me to do a little research, and I found this beauty about my home town.I can't even come up with the basis for this law... I mean what must have happened in order for this law to be passed.I would have loved to have been...
This morning, Professor Jonathan Turley, (a highly regarded professor of law at George Washington University) one of the witnesses at the Judicial committee's house impeachment hearings, in his opening statement, was the singular voice or reason for the Republican side in the witnesses opening st...
There's a strong reason why inspectors are concerned that fire be kept a reasonable distance from flammable materials.This stove installation, fractions of an inch from a wooden appliance garage (the place you typically keep counter top appliances like toasters, mixers, blenders and the like) was...
It's true.  I'm a dinosaur.It's been pointed out to me several times in the last week, or so... and no, it's probably not a coincidence that I've spent the last week, or so, with my kids.As this business marches into the future it's becoming more and more tech savvy.I used to be on the bleeding e...

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