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We've been spoiled.  For the most part Active Rain has functioned fairly well for years, with the exception of the occasional glitch.Recently we suffered a serious crash, which to this date still hasn't been resolved.  People are up in arms, some complaining bitterly on the Q&A section seeking re...
I have lost 44 pairs of posts, wrote them out by designI have written and posted 2 dozen comments, Well before the clock struck nineI read that tub of lard's post about dual agencyThrew up in a bucket, went shopping and kicked him in the can.Cause my points have gone missin'... M-I-S-S-I-N, I'll ...
I think that we can all agree that in most cases (not all), we real estate agents are fairly well compensated for the service we provide.Part of our services to our listing clients includes marketing the property to the best of our ability.This photo is an image from our MLS.  It is one of 22 pho...
I don't expect that my listings will suit every viewer.  Sometimes they'll walk in and know immediately that it just doesn't work for them.  Sometimes they need to inspect every inch of the property, and then ruminate for a couple of hours, or days before they know.I recently accompanied a showin...
Yesterday a wedding took place amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.  It took place in Cleveland, Ohio outdoors (you know... social distancing?) in clothes-drenching heat and humidity.The bride was beautiful (she's my daughter... fortunately she gets her looks from her mother... phew!) the groom was even...
Am I blue? Am I blue?Ain't these tears in my eyes tellink you? my grandmother had a strong Russian accent... sorry, can't help myself.  Enjoy.
This little mouse has been responsible for writing oh, so many questions in the Q&A section... and apparently she is a brilliant writer, because whenever she authors a question people just lose their little minds.I'm not sure why we've never seen her write an actual post.  In fact I can't really ...
This is the sight that greeted me as I pulled up to the ATM at the Chase drive-through near my home.It kind of felt like staring behind C3PO's façade.I sat there for about 3 minutes contemplating what that mean, and what I should do. I wasn't gonna put my card in there... was I?   WAS I?And, as t...
I just heard a woman on television discussing the death of George Floyd, and saying that "this was the straw that broke the Campbell's back".  I wasn't sure I'd heard her right.  It was, after all, before coffee, so I rewinded and replayed, and sure enough... that's what she said. (maybe a refere...
And now, a moment, or two, of calm and enjoyment, in the midst of chaos. Bolero.I hope you enjoyed it. I know that I did.


A moving experience!
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