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This is the sight that greeted me as I pulled up to the ATM at the Chase drive-through near my home.It kind of felt like staring behind C3PO's façade.I sat there for about 3 minutes contemplating what that mean, and what I should do. I wasn't gonna put my card in there... was I?   WAS I?And, as t...
I just heard a woman on television discussing the death of George Floyd, and saying that "this was the straw that broke the Campbell's back".  I wasn't sure I'd heard her right.  It was, after all, before coffee, so I rewinded and replayed, and sure enough... that's what she said. (maybe a refere...
And now, a moment, or two, of calm and enjoyment, in the midst of chaos. Bolero.I hope you enjoyed it. I know that I did.
The question was recently asked whether you should bring your political slant (and let's admit, shall we, that everyone has one) to your Facebook posts, knowing in fairly strong certainty, that anyone reading your posts can easily figure out that you are a real estate practitioner... and your opi...
On the phone with a medical professional today, giving her my sister's email.  I said "It's a long one, okay... are you ready?"   She said she was... in the middle of this long string of characters, I told her, included a hyphen.   So, i explained similar to "Alans sister at Jameson hyphen sotheb...
If'n you say you're gonna do it, then tarnation you should oughta follow through and do it.This is not the first time that an agent has given me a road-map to helping my buyer craft an offer than the seller would accept.  "My seller" he tells me "says that if you're willing to meet these terms, h...
Following along with my run of videos of youtube.  This is about as nice a cover of one of my favourite songs... in, I don't know... "ever"?  It's by a group called the steep canyon rangers, whom I'd never heard of before... but I'm gonna check 'em out.There's a story about this song.  It was wri...
Allright, I understand that I'm spending way too much time on youtube.  But it's shelter at home time, and I've got too much time on my hands.So here's a bass line to give you a little warmth, and soul at the very same time.  Something to trigger those memories of hanging around folks in smoke-fi...
I'm enjoying zooming so much, and apparently so are others.  It's a way to connect, such as it is... not flesh to flesh, but at the very least, 'face to face'?And here's Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, along with Brendon Urie (lead vocalist of Panic at the Disco in case you didn't know who he was... ...
These days, personally, I have enough drama in my life, but I would soooo push that button. I would be unable to resist the urge.I mean c'mon.. it's a big, big button standing there mocking me... just mocking me... "c'mon, Alan.  Push me, g'head, just do it!"Would you push the button?  I found it...

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