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I just learned about this, and in my mind, it seems to be out and out theft... definitely unprofessional.  In my mind it's no different than picking up a random Hummel figure from her China cabinet, or some silverware from her kitchen drawer.A real estate company is apologizing, after a woman sai...
What is it? you ask?  A medieval torture device?  A delousing station? A post apocalyptic radiation shower?Nope, it's a nine-head standing shower in a single-family residence right here in Evanston, Illinois, my home town.Now, in fairness, it does seem as though it would require a master's degree...
I went to Costco today.  I rarely go on the weekends (it can get so crazy), and especially midday.  But I also rarely find myself with a day where I have no real estate appointments, so I thought I'd take advantage of that opening.I lucked out... 'cause I saw what I thought must be a mirage.  A l...
I was watching Good Morning America this morning, and Dr. Jennifer Ashton was talking about the upcoming flu season.  I don't remember specifically which region she was referencing... but she mentioned that this particular area normally, by today, has 1,000 cases of flu, and effective this mornin...
I had a call on one of my properties by an unrepresented buyer.  He wanted to view the property, but did not want to use a buyer's agent.  He was under the impression that by not using a buyer's agent he was going to save money.  I didn't bother trying to dissuade him.After a brief vetting conver...
I was told, recently, by an agent that he was a buyer's agent.  Strictly a buyer's agent.  And he told me in a way to make it crystal clear that he felt that was "better" more honourable, more honest.I represent both buyers and sellers.  I'm not talking about dual-agency... that's a different con...
Not your father's basement panelling.Oh, wait... yes it is!  This is exactly what we saw in homes of our region, in the panelled basements.  It was often mistakenly called knotty pine, or wormwood, ... but it's actually a rarer commodity called Pecky Cypress.I found this sample in the basement o...
Allright.  Enough complaining about accessiblity?Here's a little bit of fun to start your day.Enjoy, I know I did.
We've been spoiled.  For the most part Active Rain has functioned fairly well for years, with the exception of the occasional glitch.Recently we suffered a serious crash, which to this date still hasn't been resolved.  People are up in arms, some complaining bitterly on the Q&A section seeking re...
I have lost 44 pairs of posts, wrote them out by designI have written and posted 2 dozen comments, Well before the clock struck nineI read that tub of lard's post about dual agencyThrew up in a bucket, went shopping and kicked him in the can.Cause my points have gone missin'... M-I-S-S-I-N, I'll ...

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