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Naked pics... used in the name of click-bait, just to get you inside to read the balance of the post.Effective?  Sometimes. Apparently, at least according to our friend Bill Spear, more effective with males than female.  (the lookers, I mean... not the nekkid)  Do you feel tricked, betrayed?Does ...
This note to Zillow's shareholders in their fourth quarter report.  Just to pull out what I consider the important point, so that you don't miss it, they say "We are in the midst of a multi-year journey to expand Zillow beyond the place people turn to 'search and find' real estate, to the brand p...
It recently came to my attention ... a local agent was on his cell phone with his buyer... giving him the one-day-code for the Electronic Lockbox on a listing.  That's right.  The agent wasn't present... the buyer (and his family) was in front of the property, and the agent read him the one-day-c...
I don't know how I'm going to tie in that headline, yet.  I was watching Good Morning America and they had Samin Nostra on (star of Salt, Fat, Acid & Heat)... and I bastardized the headline.  Now I need to back it up with content. Usually I work the other way around: I write the post, and then I ...
Remember when your kids were teens and pre-teens?  They run through the house, leaving the door behind them wide open, plopping their shoes, and other belongings on the floor, right in middle of the floor?  Teens are totally egocentric, and most have little thought for those who pick up after the...
I just learned about this, and in my mind, it seems to be out and out theft... definitely unprofessional.  In my mind it's no different than picking up a random Hummel figure from her China cabinet, or some silverware from her kitchen drawer.A real estate company is apologizing, after a woman sai...
What is it? you ask?  A medieval torture device?  A delousing station? A post apocalyptic radiation shower?Nope, it's a nine-head standing shower in a single-family residence right here in Evanston, Illinois, my home town.Now, in fairness, it does seem as though it would require a master's degree...
I went to Costco today.  I rarely go on the weekends (it can get so crazy), and especially midday.  But I also rarely find myself with a day where I have no real estate appointments, so I thought I'd take advantage of that opening.I lucked out... 'cause I saw what I thought must be a mirage.  A l...
I was watching Good Morning America this morning, and Dr. Jennifer Ashton was talking about the upcoming flu season.  I don't remember specifically which region she was referencing... but she mentioned that this particular area normally, by today, has 1,000 cases of flu, and effective this mornin...
I had a call on one of my properties by an unrepresented buyer.  He wanted to view the property, but did not want to use a buyer's agent.  He was under the impression that by not using a buyer's agent he was going to save money.  I didn't bother trying to dissuade him.After a brief vetting conver...

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