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Following along with my run of videos of youtube.  This is about as nice a cover of one of my favourite songs... in, I don't know... "ever"?  It's by a group called the steep canyon rangers, whom I'd never heard of before... but I'm gonna check 'em out.There's a story about this song.  It was wri...
Allright, I understand that I'm spending way too much time on youtube.  But it's shelter at home time, and I've got too much time on my hands.So here's a bass line to give you a little warmth, and soul at the very same time.  Something to trigger those memories of hanging around folks in smoke-fi...
I'm enjoying zooming so much, and apparently so are others.  It's a way to connect, such as it is... not flesh to flesh, but at the very least, 'face to face'?And here's Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, along with Brendon Urie (lead vocalist of Panic at the Disco in case you didn't know who he was... ...
These days, personally, I have enough drama in my life, but I would soooo push that button. I would be unable to resist the urge.I mean c'mon.. it's a big, big button standing there mocking me... just mocking me... "c'mon, Alan.  Push me, g'head, just do it!"Would you push the button?  I found it...
I've been looking hard for points of light during this social isolation.  It's not as hard as you might think.This morning, I came across the Clark Family and the Quarantine Kids and immediately fell in love.  There they are, stuck at home, just like the rest of us, and dad has them participating...
For mother's day... it seemed appropriate to post this video from a few years back.It's cute, it's hip and it relays the sentiment of the day.  Enjoy.  (I watched is several times).
The community I live in, Evanston, IL, has produced a Covid-19 video of how our city has come together. Evanston is the first community north of Chicago along the lakefront.  City of trees, city of churches, Northwestern University and lots and lots of currently locked down people.  But that does...
The creativity of some people.  I'm in awe.  I'm just sitting in my underwear watching the television for most of the day, and here we have people doing really remarkable things.I am both impressed and jealous at the same time.  Nah.  never mind, I'm not really jealous... I don't have enough ener...
I know that most of you won't understand the words... heck, I needed the translation in order to understand what they were saying.  This is a traditional Hebrew prayer... part of the standard Shabbat service, sung beautifully by the brothers Platt (Henry, Ben and Jonah).  If the name Ben Platt so...
In order to view the latest art in Chicago you have to venture outside, and while you're walking around, keep your eyes down.I know, I know... it sounds like the rules from a Housemaid's Tale, but it's not.  Jim Bachor, who's become known as the 'pothole artist' has taken to filling and beautifyi...

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