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Who knew there were lyrics?... and yes, that's Andy's voice. 
Over the last several months I've noticed a trend.  I've noticed that I have a voice-mail, and I didn't even hear the phone ring.Now, neither of my kids would be surprised at that.  They claim I don't hear much, these days.  In fact I was walking with one of my girls, recently, and she said "Dad,...
In a recent conversation with a fellow Realtor, she was talking about her "Exit Strategy".... and I realized that I don't have one of those.I have always felt that being a Realtor®, was somewhat akin to playing tennis.  It's one of those things you can do as long as your health holds up, right up...
My daughter recently returned from a vacation at Mackinac Island.  (pronounced Macinaw)... where she stayed at the grand hotel... a beautiful hotel built before the turn of the century, and appropriately names.She brought me back some fudge from the island, because the island is known for it's fu...
If you've been blogging for any length of time, you've probably built up a horde... er, I mean a loyal group of followers (I like to think of them as subscribers)...They tend to drop in and out of InActive Brain on a regular basis.... some pop in daily, others rather randomly.  But whenever they ...
At some point in your illustrious career, (be you Realtor, Inspector, Appraiser, Lender) you're going to find yourself in need of being "away from your office".  When that happens, it's incredibly helpful to have quality folks back at the office to back you up.I am fortunate that I have several s...
I had a buyer client I'd worked with for a while, who suddenly decided to look in a different area.  We had gotten along famously, they thanked me profusely for my help and knowledge, so I was sad to see them go, but, the new area was far enough away from my area of expertise, that I understood t...
Many times, over recent years, in my experiences in online real estate discussion groups, someone will inevitably ask the question: "What is the standard commission in your area?"Most of the time, knowledgeable agents jump in and state: "There is no 'standard', real estate commissions are negotia...
7 Reasons why your property won't sell 1. YOUR PROPERTY WON'T SELL because your photos are "less than impressive". The vast majority of home buyers begin their search for a property on the Internet, so your property had better look fantastic in print. Not just nice, it has to look downright fabul...


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