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Home fires can be easily contained if you catch them early with a basic fire extinguisher.  And, yet, most homes do not have a fire extinguisher, or if they do it's stuck under the sink (way in the back) and hasn't been tested or updated in many years.Samsung has created a product that looks nice...
If you haven't had the joy of taking your car into the dealership for more than an oil change... the kind of service where you need to leave it for a while, well... things may have changed a touch.I had to have my glovebox repaired (it wouldn't close anymore), and in order to do that they have to...
No... No... No.... Not Pie Day... not cherry, blueberry, lemon chiffon, chocolate mousse, pumpkin.. no, no, no.Pi Day... Pi... like in 3.14 (or March 14th)... c'mon folks... let's get it in gear.Pi... the number... is 3.14xxxxxxxx. and of course today is 3/14 hence Pi Day.So, in order to honour ...
Here is a table tent that is now available to purchase from our local Realtor's board.It touches on a brave new issue.  When you're touring a listing with your buyers, you may be under surveillance, and it may not be evident.It used to be that video taping devices were large and cumbersome, but t...
Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday [alt.30candles.install] dear interwebs.Happy Birthday to you.For those of you wondering....  March 12, 1989 is the birthday of the world wide web.  So the internet, as we know it, is now 30 years old.  That's right... 30 years old, and st...
I have a client who asks my opinion on everything.  What do you think about Sushi? Fashion? Traffic? Donuts?  And he seemed to value my opinions.And, as you probably know, I'm not a shy guy... I have opinions, and I'm happy to share them.  Sometimes when asked, and sometime even when not asked.So...
Nope... not a political post (orange you glad I didn't say banana again?)I just ran across this today, and enjoyed it so thoroughly, that I thought I'd share it with y'allIt's a real throw back Monday... returns me to a specific place and time. A simpler, and much more fun time.Enjoy
Tomorrow Facebook will change its privacy settings to allow Mark Zuckerberg to come into your house while you sleep and eat your brains with a grapefruit spoon. To stop this from happening, go to Account> Home Invasion Settings> Cannibalism> Brains> Grapefruit, and uncheck the "Tasty" box. Pleas...
It's very important that everyone's on the same page... and that everyone is understanding the same things.  It's really easy to misunderstand... as is evidenced by this "bad lip reading" video. If you're a Star Wars fan, or merely a fan of Yoda or Mark Hamill... I think you'll enjoy this.  I'm c...
For those of you who believe you should stay in your lane, and simply work your niche... never reaching out to that long shot.Reach out... try something new... you'll never know how incredible it might be.Boy... I wish I'd been at that concert.  What a great crossover by a great artist.

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