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This is a picture of a young woman named Amanda Gorman.  Today, she was invited to be the Poet Laureate and read a poem that she wrote, shortly after the events at the Capitol on January 6th.I know that some of you will want to tell me that you didn't watch the inauguration, and you'll want to te...
Having come to cooking late in life... read that as "got divorced and had to learn about cooking, or be prepared to live out my life on carry-out food" ... I've only just learned about Maldon Salt.As I understand it, it's used primarily as a "finishing" salt.  So, you're not really using it IN th...
I found this on YouTube today... I could imagine myself sitting in the auditorium watching my child in the school band participating in this performance.It's a little long, just under six minutes, but I couldn't tear my eyes (and ears) away.I couldn't stop smiling.  Enjoy!
Like many of you I receive all sorts of gifts over the holidays.  There are bottles of wine, hard alcohol, and the dreaded packages of fattening snacks... cookies, pretzels, candy... ohmigod.  A vendor sent me a package of Carol's Cookies, which were unbelievalble... only 8 cookies... but wait......
Ladies and Gentleworms.  This is a blog post that I wrote about 12 years ago.  I figured it was worth of an update and rewrite.  So here it is. In today's market, it has become more and more important to differentiate yourself from other Realtors. One Realtor is definitely not the same as the ot...
There are usually five lug-nuts that hold these things in place.  And it's important when installing these hubcaps, to tighten them from opposite ends.Start with 12:00.... then 5:00...  then switch back to 9:00... you get the idea.You want to make sure these puppies are tight, and won't work them...
I wrote a post last year (link here) about sellers who complaint that their listing agent doesn't keep in touch with them.  It was (and remains) consumer's main issue with Realtors.The story, for those who don't want to follow the link, discusses two sellers who reached out to me, and decided to ...
On the way home from a showing, yesterday, I came to a crossroads.Should I turn left, and just stop at the gas station, fill the car and go home? Or should I turn right and head to the grocery store and refill my almost empty larder?I quickly made the decision to head right to the grocery... sinc...
There are some days... many days that I feel like Sisyphus.For those that don't know, or don't remember, Sisyphus was from Greek mythology.  He was punished by the gods (I don't really remember what for... the gods were pretty random and petty back then)... and his punishment was to push a boulde...
I had an early inspection this morning.While I was standing on the sidewalk, trying to blow warm air onto my hands through a facemask, I saw a tiny Chevrolet Spark trying to parallel park into a Cadillac El Dorado-sized parking space.The driver was aware that the inspector and I were watching.  (...

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