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Utah Infrared Home and Building Inspections, Utah Equine Thermography, Utah Commercial Property Inspections, Utah Mold Testing, Utah Meth Testing, Utah Radon Testing.
Utah Infrared Home Inspections offers: - 7 days a week home inspections - Next day home inspection services available - Mold, Meth, & Radon Testing at discount pricing with any home inspection service. - Same day Inspection Reports that are not only very detailed but very easy to comprehend, even...
Salt Lake City's Most Advanced Home and Building Inspections Advanced Thermal Imaging Technology allows us to offer Utah with a one-of-a-kind approach to the Home and Building Inspection process. This process combines the traditional visual inspection with advanced Thermal Imaging scans to produc...
All Utah Home Inspections ARE NOT Created Equal!   Many Utah home buyers are often confused by what specific services a Utah Home Inspector provides. Many home buyers are under the impression that home inspections are like property apprasials where-as the services are basically the same despite w...
Ogden Utah Home Inspections in The Spring It's been a rough Winter for Ogden Utah Homes. The number one cause of damage amongst Utah Homes is moisture damage. The number one tool used to detect and document hidden moisture concerns is Thermal Imaging. If you're considering buying a home in Ogden,...
Choosing an Ogden Utah Infrared Home Inspector   Utah Infrared Inspections is redefining home inspection services in Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah. We use our advanced Infrared Technology during every home inspection and the benefits are tremendous. Infrared offers a far more in-depth analysis o...
When Searching for a Utah Home Inspection When considering a home inspector in the State of Utah, there are MANY VERY important things to take into consideration. Utah is one of the few States that doesn't require any specific licenses or education requirements to become a home inspector. This ca...
Salt Lake City Home Inspector Providing Infrared Home Inspections   All Salt Lake City Home Inspections should include thermal imaging technology. Utah Infrared Inspections doesn't charge any additional costs for thermal imaging technology because we feel it's essential in providing an in-depth a...
Detecting Moisture During Ogden Utah Home Inspections   This is one of the best times of the year for an Infrared Home Inspection. We've had a REALLY dry Utah Summer so now that the rains have started coming, moisture intrusions are easily detected during an Infrared Home Inspection. Moisture is ...
Ogden Utah Infrared Home Inspections   Ogden Utah Infrared Home Inspections offer numerous additional benefits over the average flashlight inspection while not adding any additional inspection costs.   www.UtahInfrared.com  
Why your Salt Lake City Home Inspector Needs Thermal Imaging It's unfortunate that not all Salt Lake City Home Inspectors use Thermal Imaging but that day will soon be here. Every week more clients and Real Estate Agents are exposed to the enormous benefits provided by Infrared Home Inspections. ...

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Utah Infrared Home Inspections, Utah Building Inspections, Utah Equine Thermography, Utah Commercial Property Inspections, Utah Mold Testing, Utah Meth Testing, Utah Radon Testing.