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Do you remember the song, "She got the coal mine & I got the shaft"? I think Johnny Cash was singing about Illinois when he wrote this song.  You all know that Gov. Rod Blagojevich was caught red handed trying to sell the recently vacated Senate seat of Barac Obama.  Now we learn that Jesse Jacks...
It was just announced that Jesse Jackson Jr. was candidate number 5.  This means that he allegedly was in negotiations on buying the recently vacated Senate seat of Barac Obama.  This is breaking news but apparently Jackson has agreed to talk to federal prosecuters as soon as possible after he co...
So it looks like the folks in Washington are getting ready to dole out some more money to the automakers...   What a load of crapola... Wasn't the original bailout for the banks supposed to free up the credit markets?  We still have not put many of the original $750 billion into the lenders coffe...
You know I am a big fan of protecting what matters most.  I guess I should be as I am an insurance agent.  One thing that I find quite often is little to know life insurance on an unemployed spouse.  Many folks think that just because their significant other is home raising the children there is ...
Tis the season to be merry.  With the holidays here many of us open our homes to for friends & family for parties.  Here is some information I share with my clients that I hopes help everyone understand their individual and family liability issues.  Many would-be hosts are completely unaware of t...
Woody Allen once said, "There are worse things than death.  Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman." I dont exactly agree with that being worse than death but do know that many insurance folks are about as exciting as watching paint dry.  It never ceases to amaze me when speaki...
With the economy in decline, we are seeing an increase in home burglaries.  It's an unfortunate fact that burglars know how easy it is to break into most houses or apartments. That's why thieves usually spend less than two minutes trying to get a window or door open before giving up and looking f...
Ok, its Thursday and I need to get back to being productive so this is a quickie that hopefully will put a smile on your faces.... Enjoy.  
I have to admit it but I am odd when it comes to the snow and ice.  In the greater Chicagoland area we were hit with our first storm of the season yesterday.   I was ready.  You see, every winter I load up my family truckster with jumper cables, tow straps and plenty of warm weather gear.  Each m...

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