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My husband and I are getting close to being empty nesters but it isn't completely by choice.Our oldest son is in college, and the other one is 17 going on 35.  We've tried for years to have another child, but things haven't worked out yet.  Then we have the pets.We have a large aquarium with Koi ...
  Well, this posting is a little late, but I have to talk about my husband's latest fishing trip.There isn't a lot of fishing to do in Southeast Alaska during winter.  Sure, hardy souls can spend hours out in the snow and chilly rain searching for the elusive winter King Salmon, but it isn't exac...
From my house to my office, there is a "hole" in cell phone coverage.  My phone will not ring, and has absolutely no signal for just a few minutes.  There are quite a few of these holes throughout our region, mostly due to geography.  We are at sea level and surrounded by mountains.  The cell pho...
Yeah, I know that title is lame.  But I got your attention, I hope!Trying to get a septic system serviced in Juneau has been a frustrating experience for many of us for many years.  I could probably rant for a while about it, but let's just say the only company providing the service over a vast g...
Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker at the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation First Time Homebuyer's class.This educational opportunity is offered about once per month here in Juneau.  There can be anywhere from 4 - 30 students, and they are all in the process of buyin...
Over the last few years, I've hired a remarkable young man, Steven Dyer, to help around my yard and home on several occasions.  He had my son became friends through the sport of wrestling and I've followed Steven's career for years.  He's pretty busy with school, sports and church activities, but...
Recently I read another blog on Active Rain that inspired this post.  Scott Daniels in Florida wrote .  In his blog, he wrote about the "clients" who call REALTORS° thinking it's an easy way to get a free tour of a place they visit.Being...
When I'm not selling real estate or out fishing, you can be sure I'm in the kitchen making something.  I love to cook, especially for a crowd.  My home was designed around my large kitchen.  All my real estate clients know that just before Christmas they will receive a delivery of homemade goodie...
I know you all think I'm obsessed with gardening.  Of course I truly am.  As the President of Southeast Alaska Master Gardeners, it is my right.  I'm just usually out selling real estate so I don't have the time I'd like to have in the garden.  That's why I'd like to start periodically giving a "...
In Parts One, Two and Three, I gave the background to this story of exceptional customer service.There are quite a few dentists in my community, but plenty of business to go around.  Somehow I'd found this magical man who was able to work on my teeth.  I was no longer afraid of him.  I'm still af...

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