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Ok, they have faced off and now the questions begin.  She is wearing all black, nice suit, but so is the other candididate, black suit.  I am sure that it will be mentioned, her attire, as it always seems to be. Uh oh she just brought in the soccer game, the moms,  when talking about investments....
How many are watching the show "The Survivor"?  I think the country leaders are on an island, the island of the US people.  So lets see how the game would work.  First you put our top leadership on the island, you have 2 tribes, the dems and the repubs, now Jeff will be played by Bush. Course Jef...
    Ok, so I haven't made it to featured and maybe never will,  maybe I don't have the right stuff, yet, but I was so excited to see that I had 24 comments in a short period of time when I first posted my blog yesterday.  Many of you AR bloggers are so awesome.  I really do enjoy your wit and hum...
Welcome Dana Brawner to Active Rain.  Dana has been with my real estate team for 10 years in Naples Florida and now has moved to Banner Elk NC.  She is awesome and a great people person, she has the best computer and marketing skills.  YEAH!!!for me I finally have my right hand back.  Dana will b...
I don't know about you but the thought of packing up and moving again makes me want to throw up.  My back already hurts and today was just the begining.  I build homes and since the market sucks right now , 2 of my furnished models are still for sale.  It is a lot easier to rent my townhome, whic...
I know I can't be the only one who loves watching Ceasar Milan on The Dog Whisperer. He retrains the owners and rehabilitates the dogs. Tonite is his 100th episode and all those bad dogs are back.  Too bad we can't rehabilitate our buyers and sellers with the 'SShh" as he does.  How easy would th...
Three years ago my  husband and partner in business and I decided that we loved North Carolina.  We loved it sooo much that we decided to make this our future home and we opened an office.  Now in the beginning I went back and forth to my Florida home and my real estate business there. We thought...
I feel like the little dog..... It never surprises me after your work for a seller only to have them blame you when ther are few buyers in the market or no offers have been presented in a while.. I have had a beautiful development for over two years, gorgeous model wonderful neighborhood.  I have...
                     Ok, I give up you have had your chuckles. Ha HA This morning I have had a lot of emails and phone calls from the area Realtors who received my email blunder.  They have laughed and laughed. Great, so at least I can make some folks Monday a funny one.  So what did I do?.  Well...
Ok, so what would my other choice be.  Let me see,  could be sad, depressed, unhappy, angry, unemployed,mean, nasty, ungrateful etc. etc. But NO I always seem to see the glass half full and lately that is ticking people off. With the market in many areas in the worst condition ever, I like everyo...

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