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A place where where we can share great information about the The Kelller Williams Realty Leaders- and why so many homeowner choose a Keller Williamsagent to buy and sell their home with us..
So here is the question,.......Is it unethical to use top agents or any agent for that matter, names to drive business to your site?.  Many agents don't own their own names or different variations of that name, I know stupid, but so is it right that an agent  who is a little savvy drives that to ...
As agents we sometimes do not think about the day we put that last sign in the yard.  Did we save enough money for our retirement,  did we invest what we earned toward our retirement? At Keller Williams our Owners do just that, give back to their agents so that they have an income for the rest of...
Just wanted to share with everyone that we now have a new office in downtown Blowing Rock North Carolina, at 537 N. Main Street, 28605.......great  location.  I serve the areas of Blowing Rock to Banner RElk Nc..and love referrals. Blowing Rock..Blue Ridge Mountains Parkway......WE LOVE REFERRALS...
Like most, my real estate sales have been down and this has not been the best 18 months that I have had.  I did a lot of soul searching before the end of the year to try and decide which way should I go.  I even asked for some input from my friends on Active Rain. I have owned my own office for o...
I was a teenager when Martin Luther King made that statement  " he had a dream".  I shared with my grown children some of the things that I remember about those times.  I grew up in a "white" neighborhood, went to a "white" school but in a family where everyone was to be respected.  My parents ta...
you cant make them get out of their own way.  How many times have you written a contract only to have the agent who you presented it to, screw up the sale.?  In todays market you really need to be creative, flexiable and open to new ways to get the deal done, right?  Tell that to the agent who ju...
Today I got a call from my husband, he had an accident on our snowy roads.  Thank goodness he was fine, a little shaken up, but fine.  He was on one of our really curvey roads that hadn't been plowed yet. You see he just moved here from Florida full time and I have had 3 winters here already and ...
Oh I can see the snow , let it snow let it snow and that is good news for us.  Living in the High Country of NC near Beech MTN, Sugar MTN. and Appalachain Ski Resorts means we need SNOW....lots of it.  latley though we have been experiencing almost spring weather.  I grew up in Florida but I am r...
Happy New Year....I could use some input from my realtor friends.  I have always owned my own office and had a very large successful  team, that is,  until I moved to NC.  It is not easy to start again in a new town especially when the market began to tank.  I am a really good agent, not bragging...
" I am excersing my right to withdraw" With the market in such a tough state, losing a sale really sucks....I was so happy that I had a contract on one of my commercial pieces and was 24 hours to the due diligence period being over...when that letter arrived fromthe buyers attorney.  Everything h...

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