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Week ending August 10, 2008 All Active Listings on the Market - Total number of properties found: 1651 W/o Special Condition: Total number of properties found: 1,020 With Special Condition: Bank/Lender Owned (REO) Total number of properties found: 179 Short-Sale Total number of properties found:...
How very sad---I just heard on CNN about a woman who committed suicide hours before the bank foreclosed on her home. My heart goes out to this woman’s family—the report said that the bank did stop the foreclosures---my goodness what is this world coming to—are we going to see more of this—I cert...
--well at least for now—current foreclosures are being put on hold  Read the full story: “.........the agency will halt current IndyMac foreclosures and renegotiate loan terms with borrowers in an effort to keep them in their homes.” There is a little hope left! Could it be the “too little to lat...
EPA says it is only worth 7.22 million! Wow! I just read the article by WashigntonPost.com: “Cosmic Markdown: EPA Says Life Is Worth Less” Read entire article here!  I was shocked to know that there are agencies out there putting a price on the value a human being. .......”Last week, it was revea...
Active Listings --  Total number of properties found: 1,692 Active REO (Bank Owned Real Estate) -- Total number of properties found: 184 Relocation Company Owned -- Total number of properties found: 2 Notice of Default -- Total number of  properties found: 107  Short Sale --Total number of  prope...
According to the C.A.R. statistics, more people can afford to buy a home now than back in the “buying frenzy of 2005! Why are you not buying? Calif. median home price back May 2005 it was at $522,590. Today (May 2008), it is at: $384,840 Calif. First-time Buyer Affordability Index – First Quarte...
......when the dog bites, when the (blank, blank) ...I simply remember my favorites things!  I love that song---just can never remember all the words. Sorry about Julie Andrews losing her voice-what an awesome voice she had!  Well I can't sing but here are few of my favorite clips---well a pictur...
Who’s your favorite artist that has sung “America the Beautiful!” Here’s Ray His version is awesome so is Mariah Carey's Here is Beyonce version I like hers too They are all great singers singing a great song and I like the all ! Which one is your favorite?—my favorite is Beyonce’s. Have a safe ...
........even Realtors and real estate professionals but more so--The Public. That is why I created this group: Real Estate Fraud, Scams, and Ponzi schemes REPORT THEM HERE. I would like to invite everyone to post any fraudulently activity here to this new group. Just the other day a “Title Rep” p...
A Few Good Man "You Can't Handle the Truth" This is the best clip from this movie: I love it! Let me know if you like it too! This is why Tom and Jack are considered great actors--Don't you just love it that I am on a first-name basis with these two, whom I have never met! lol Sometimes I feel li...

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