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The other day, I was answering a question, on another site and someone asked: "What are the three most important things in a Transaction?" My answer: "Location, Location, Location.....that was true 23 years ago when I first became a Realtor and it's true now....Oh, but you asked what are the thre...
The decision to do a short sale or walk away is not any easy one!   I urge you to first look into all your possibilities before you make your decision. First, let me start out by saying that you will not be liable for any income taxes since the passage of the 2007 Mortgage Relief Tax law, but thi...
Prop 19 legalization of Marijuana please vote NO....Big corporations will turn this drug into a household product just like alcohol and tobacco...it's not about freedom it's about making a buck, at the expense of your kids, your health. Prop 20: helps us vote politicians out of office for not doi...
Or is it?  Will it become the latest Urban Myth?  Will this be the "big foot" of real estate?  Lol!  In my one of my previous post (http://activerain.com/blogsview/1159459/where-s-the-reo-listing-) I wrote about this subject but didn't get many comments.  Maybe people don't understand what I am t...
 I just got an email from this Bank, and it looked so official. Please be advise that if you get an email from them, it might be a scam or it might be legit, proceed with caution.  The email I got was a total scam-I called them and they told me. As you know I started a group called:  Real Estate ...
The Good, Bad and the Ugly!  I found this pretty good blog, only it's for a Bed and Breakfast transaction but you could pretty much get the gist of what seller financing is: http://www.bbteam.com/Article128.html  Here's a summary: The Good Probably the biggest benefit of seller financing is that ...
 (I'm asking almost like that little-ol'-lady in that hamburger commercial "where's the beef?"        How real is the shadow inventory?  I was reading a blog about this, and the writer said: "banks all across the nation are keeping foreclosed properties off the market. They're doing it on purpose...
This saying comes to mind this morning as I listen to the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee hearing on c-Span. The Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Chairman Sheila Bair, and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke all were there.   Here is some of...
Are you hiring that agent because he/she is a "top producer?"   If you are, please read this first and think twice!Does your agent play the "numbers game?"  Hiring a so-called "Top Producer" won't get your home sold faster.  "Top Producers" are in the "numbers game!"  You know they......list hund...
How?  By lowering your property tax bill!  How? By getting your property re-evaluated by Tax Assessor!  You might be able to reduce your property taxes as much as 50% or even more! Did you know that you can do that?   In California we pay property taxes based on the purchase price, so if you purc...


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