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If you’ve ever played golf then you know the value of fine tuning. Just a minor tweak in your swing can make a significant difference in accuracy and distance.The same can be said about your marketing. Oftentimes, just a few minor improvements can bring in more real estate referrals and leads. Th...
There may not be snow where you are today. However, you can probably still picture how the snowball effect works. It’s an analogy, of course, that refers to a snowball rolling down a hill. It starts off small, but as it gains momentum and picks up more snow it becomes bigger and bigger.In a way, ...
Imagine you’re at a supermarket and you notice two bins of oranges. On the left is the Amazing Orange. On the right, the Super Orange. Which brand of oranges would you buy? After all, they’re both juicy, both delicious, and both contain healthy doses of vitamin C.Chances are, you would pick the b...
If marketing tactics were people, and you were a matchmaker, you couldn’t put together a more successful couple than real estate direct mail and email marketing. The two are a perfect match. Stick them on a cake!Individually, each can be incredibly effective in fueling your real estate marketing ...
If you’re like most ambitious agents, you want 2019 to be your best year yet. Your goals might include getting more listings, building your referral business, and generating more real estate leads.To accomplish those objectives, you need to review your marketing plan and see how you can boost res...
Let’s face it: Connecting with Millennials can be a challenge. Of course, if you’re a billionaire tycoon in Australia, you might believe that they are not worth your effort because Millennials are more interested in avocados than home buying. The National Association of Realtors® (NAR), however,...
Everyone agrees that it’s important for kids to become avid readers. Yet, many parents struggle to motivate their children to read books. These days, television, video, and computer games rule.You can help solve this problem while building real estate client loyalty. How? By starting a kids’ book...
 Conferences and conventions are always great places to make connections, learn new REALTOR® marketing and sales skills, and stay current on industry trends. Here is a list of real estate conferences by state for the remainder of 2012 into the spring of 2013.  
 At Morris, we’re proud of The Referral Marketing System. It is the only comprehensive turnkey real estate marketing system of its kind currently on the market. We can go on and on about all of the amazing features that make up The Referral Marketing System. We will gladly talk all day about our ...
“Thanks for the referral,” the contractor says to you. Then you never hear from him again about that basement remodelling job you sent his way.Will you feel a little put out? Well, you might. Even though he did say thank you, the gesture may not be enough to make you feel truly appreciated… appre...

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