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How much time does your marketing take? That might be a little like asking, “How long is a ball of string?” For many agents, real estate marketing is an activity that can go on forever — if you let it.Take a look at your real estate marketing to-do list. Are there items you probably won’t get to ...
You’re probably familiar with the “Rule of Seven”. It’s an old sales adage that states you need to connect with prospects at least seven times before they begin to know, like and trust you — and then hire you as their agent.As over-simplified as that adage is, the general idea is based on rock-so...
Consider the following two scenarios…Scenario #1. You want to send a message to an important past client. This is a client that can potentially be a good source of real estate referrals for you. So, you compose an email saying how much you appreciate their support and offer to send them a regular...
There are basically two types of “viral” social media posts. There’s the type of post you may have dreamed of. That’s the one where you post something that’s positive and helpful to your target audience — and they reward you by sharing it with their friends, and those people reshare it with thei...
Imagine three years ago, an agent — let’s call him Paresh — wanted to generate more real estate leads and referrals. He knew he needed better tactics and, overall, a more effective real estate marketing system to reach his ambitious goals. So, he went looking for a real estate marketing company t...

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