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We all know what a money pit is. It’s something that we keep having to sink money into, yet gives us very little return. For example, an old car might be considered a money-pit if you constantly need to take it in for repairs and the thing still keeps breaking down!The opposite of a money-pit is ...
Chances are, you’ve heard the children’s story of the turtle and the rabbit. One day — or should we say, once upon a time! — they decided to race each other.The rabbit ran in fits and starts. He’d sprint for a bit, then tire and crash. Then run some more. The turtle, however, took a different app...
The great thing about real estate geographic farming is that you’re building an asset. Like any savvy investment, your geo farm will ideally pay regular dividends — in the form of real estate agent leads — for years to come.That’s the main benefit of being seen as the agent-of-choice in a specifi...
Unless it’s a balanced market, there’s often stress on one side of the transaction or the other.In a buyer’s market, for example, your seller clients worry, “Will our home sell in time? Will we get enough money from the sale? What if our home doesn’t sell?”In a seller’s market — which is at recor...
What persuades someone to do something?Social scientists have been researching that question for decades and have come up with solid answers. In fact, there is no longer any mystery as to how someone becomes motivated to buy a particular model of car, choose one insurance company over another — o...

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