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If you don’t currently use a printed real estate newsletter, you might wonder whether or not it’s a good idea. After all, do people even read their mail anymore? Isn’t everything online these days?Those are common assumptions. But the facts tell a different story. Indeed, most top performers in t...
As you know, real estate marketing isn’t the same as selling running shoes. When you sell shoes, you’re focused squarely on the transaction. You make your pitch and hope it ends with the customer pulling out his credit card. If he doesn’t, you move on to the next shopper.When you’re marketing you...
You can probably relate to the following scenario…You meet a couple at an event. You introduce yourself as a real estate agent in their area. They tell you they’re thinking of selling within the next few months. So, you offer to schedule a listing presentation to explain how you might be able to ...
If you were filming a virtual property tour, there are two ways you could go about it. The first would be to conduct the tour for a specific buyer client. You’d get them on a ZOOM call, take them virtually through the home, and answer questions.That would undoubtedly be effective. However, it wou...
If you’re like most real estate professionals, you’ve had to learn new rules over the past year. You’ve had to work out how to meet effectively (and safely) with prospects and clients, how to market your services during the pandemic and generate real estate leads and referrals, how to conduct vie...

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