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Every Real Estate Agent or Broker knows that in order to compete in todays highly aggressive and saturated digital marketplace it takes uniqueness, engagement not to mention the will and desire. It always helps when something comes along that simplifies the process and makes the job easier. The w...
Technology has allowed for a greater ease of portability and accessibility when it comes to the things we love. From smartphones, tablets, netbooks and so on its about convenience. Give me what I want when and where I want - and for the most part that is happening. If your running a Wordpress bas...
We joined the AR Community on 05/17/2010 and love every moment of it. We found a professional community that is engaging and educational. We also found a couple of clients for our startup. As a startup we did what we could to accommodate these clients including offering a 100% Customer Satisfacti...
Agents, Brokers & Realtors© are you thinking about setting up a Wordpress based Real Estate Marketing Website? A site that will allow you to show your property listings as well as offer IDX/MLS functionality? Not to mention be appealing to the end user, easy to navigate and present your services ...
Every website that wants to better understand its visitors and how to convert them uses some sort of analytics program. In our case its Google Analytics. Once logged in (requires GMAIL Account - Free) you see your "Dashboard" that allows you to select the URL of choice (you can add as many as you...
The conversation about Wordpress and what it can do has shifted to how best to optimize it. Now the question becomes what framework should you develop your site around. If your confused let us shed some light. Wordpress is the underlying "code/framework" that powers your site (think of it as the ...
We wrote about this in an article back in August What if Active Rain Incorporated a Property Listings Feature and sure enough it's here.  It made sense then and definitely makes sense now.  Based on what we see it looks like Active Rain took some advice from us. In a 2008 Yahoo Real Estate Report...
If you haven't seen the changes to your Twitter account yet you will. As of 10/07/10 most users saw a "New - Feature Rich Media & Content Interface" update. This upgrade will be telling in the next couple of days as the masses get to kick the tires around and decide if they like what they see. Up...
How many times have you lost a potential client because your real estate website didn't have enough information about local schools, the neighborhood or offer current mortgage rates and a loan calculator? Probably more than you know. A 2008 Yahoo Real Estate report clearly spells out the methodol...
A savvy Real Estate professional has a couple of Google Tools/Apps in the arsenal. Everything from Gmail, Maps, Docs, Voice, Analytics so on and so on. The toughest thing is to keep up with it all. Literally everyday there is a new application/product being launched in the webbosphere ... and wer...

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