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The Miller, Missouri fall festival was this past week.  Miller is a small town, but they put on quite a show.  There are rides for the kids, several food booths, crafts, nightly musical entertainment, and a parade.  The festival continues for four days and is held right in the middle of Miller's ...
The Lawrence County Record is the weekly voice of Lawrence County, Missouri.  Every Wednesday, we all open up the Record to see what's going on.  From editorials on national and regional issues, to front-page spreads about local events, to an annual back-to-school issue, and right down to who is ...
You Can't Read the Map If You Can't Find the Map Modern mapping sites and software go far beyond simple aerials to include topography, geology, soil types, hydrography and much more.  But all that is no good if you don't know where to look on the map. Finding properties on a map sounds simple......
Last week, I visited the University of Missouri's Southwest Center Agricultural Experiment Station.  That's quite a mouthful, so I'll just call it the Center. The Center has been around since 1959.   Their mission is to perform continuing agricultural and horticultural research on an 898-acre sit...
  If you've been living in the city all your life, you may not have thought too much about where your household water comes from.  Out of the faucet, right?  That's what I used to think, too. Once you start planning to buy property in rural Southwest Missouri, there's a little more to it than tha...
Our television is rarely turned on.  My husband and I both work full-time.  When I'm done with my real estate day, and he comes home from work, the last thing we want to do is stare at a screen.  Chances are that you'll find us both outside, cell phones glued to our hips in case of business calls...
In my continuing baptism by fire into the sale of rural property, I spent an entire day last month overseeing a home inspection for my buyers.  The home was not a big problem, but the septic tank was nowhere to be found.  The owner thought he knew where it was, and he and the listing agent got t...
  The world of real estate as we know it revolves around describing properties in a way that attracts buyers. I spent the first part of my real estate career in urban Florida, and like all agents and buyers, learned to take property marketing descriptions with a few grains of salt.  As real estat...
Putting a buyer and the home of their dreams together is always a thrill.  It's even better when the home is a classic historic home and the buyer wants to restore the home to its original glory.  That's one of my favorite moments in real estate. Last week was the closing of one of those enjoyab...
The area of Missouri where I live is full of smaller towns with limited restaurant choices.  There are some real gems hiding in these little towns, but the opening of a new restaurant always makes me very happy! Mt. Vernon is not so small, with about 5,000 people, and it certainly isn't without r...

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