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Greetings! What if you could use the largest social media site on Planet Earth, Facebook, to provide something of such value that your sellers feel obligated to give you the listings?... What if you could use this exact same strategy to tie in all their friends, family and co-workers within hours...
Hi Active Rain Friends! What if you could have someone else call your database two or three times a year and every time they leave a voicemail it is in your voice? That would be very cool, wouldn‘t it?... 88% of people said they would use the same Real Estate agent again but only 7% actually did!...
Can you close my clients mortgage in 10 days? By Adam R. Cohn   I often get asked this question by agents.  The answer is YES I CAN! Now closing a mortgage this fast is not easy and requires a lot of other people to move quick.  Such as, the agents, the title company, the appraiser and most impor...
Marketing to Your Database in 2014   Hello Active Rainers!   We are in the “Marketing To Our Database” business,not the Real Estate Business.   It’s not always about getting more clients; it’s always aboutkeeping our clients that know, like and trust us.   So how do you do that?   My dear friend ...
FHA Lowers South Florida Loan Limits   Good Morning Active Rainers, Effective for all FHA case numbers on or after Jan 1, 2014 the new loan limits for Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties will be $345,000 down from the $417,000 that it is now.   Conventional loans will stay at $417,000.  ...
Myths of the FHA Renovation Loan   The 203(k) rehab loan (home improvement) has to be one of the most underutilized loans out there and it can play such an important role here in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida.  With so many properties down here needing work and now with insurance companies ch...
203(k) Before & After Use a PRMI 203k loan renovation loan when buying in South Florida to make this transformation in your new or existing home!      
What Happens at the End of 2014 with your Real Estate business?   Yes you read that right, the end of 2014…. What has to happen for you to be very happy? Have you set your 2014 Real Estate business goals? Do you have a plan in place that is going to helpyou reach your goals in 2014? Register Here...
2014 is coming fast.  Are you ready?   Do you have a plan in place?  How about a socialmedia business plan that will help you double,and even triple, your trips to the closing table?   Social media isn’t standing still but if used wrongit can hurt your business.   This Tuesday we have two experts...
Manage Your Social Media In Only 10 Minutes A Day     So let me get this straight   As a Real Estate Agent   Register Here -   I need to have a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Google +, Pinterest and   I should be posting something of value on all these sites 3 ti...

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